Communication and Media Cell, MQM USA (reporter) MQM Atlanta Chapter organized a seminar for the “right of vote” for Overseas Pakistanis. The seminar was held in the local hotel Hilton of Atlanta. The member of COC Saqib Mohiuddin conducted the seminar. The speakers from all walks of life shared their views on the issue of Overseas Pakistanis. Sifta Farooqui said that overseas Pakistanis send 13 Billion remittances per year therefore vote of right should be given to them. She further added that citizens of 22 countries in the region have right of vote while living abroad.  She said we are being Feudalism don’t like technocrats sit in the assembly ,because most of overseas Pakistani got better skill than the assembly members  Aslam Perveiz, the President of “Tamsel” said that decision makers of Pakistan should consider  us as eligible voters  of Pakistan regardless of our absence in the country. Qayyum, the President of Pakistani Americans of Greater Atlanta (PAGA) said that our legislators should understand the difference between Residency and Nationality. The residents are not the citizens of Pakistan only unless they withdraw our Pakistani nationality. Sadaf Farooqi, vice President of  Pak Atlanta aid that Pakistan runs in our blood and if we can get the voting right in other countries after getting their citizenships, why can’t we have right to participate in a democratic process of our own country. Rizwan Hashmi, coordinator of Pakistan Club said that most of the Pakistanis left Pakistan because of lack of opportunities not because they chose to live outside.  Parliament of Pakistan needs fresh ideas and educated minds and overseas Pakistanis can fill this gap. Farooq Soomro, Coordinator of Pakistan peoples’ party of Atlanta chapter said that this is the combined voice of all overseas Pakistani either they are in this meeting or not.PPP is supporting overseas Pakistanis for all their rights. Nadeem Siddique of MQM USA said that Mr. Altaf Hussain is the only leader who has always raised voice for the rights of all Pakistanis living in Pakistan or not.

Haseeb from MQM USA Atlanta Chapter thanked all the guests speakers and the ended the seminar with national anthem of USA and Pakistan.