Altaf Hussain – A revolutionary Leader






Imran Hussain

Milwaukee, USA


Our enemies have tried to crush us by spending billions

but they failed to snatch our mandate given by millions.

Chaos is what we are seeing as millions wait in lines for bread

revolution is the only remedy which could save the nation in threat.

Country is in crisis; nation sees nothing to applaud

ruling class looted nation’s wealth and put that in accounts abroad.

Who are responsible for our destruction; now is the time to judge

transparent justice should be done without any grudge.

The nation has given the verdict with unanimous resolution

they would sacrifice everything to bring a true revolution.

Our revolution would end this tyranny by making us free

revolutionaries will not allow any of these oppressors to flee.

Every passing day the situation is turning chaotic

Nation should rally around the leader who is sincere and patriotic.

17th September is the historic day of our leader’s birth

who wants to see justice, peace and tranquility on our earth.

He is the only leader who cannot be blamed of taking any bribes

He made us a nation and to think beyond our sects and tribes.
 Truth, honesty and sacrifice;

He possesses all the qualities of a true saint

his teachings are making the corrupt system to go faint.

Our youths were brutally killed with their hands and feet tied

their bullet riddled bodies were then found on the road sides.

Our martyrs, the brave sons of their proud mothers

who lived like heroes and laid their lives for others.

On this 17th day of September;

We commit to continue our struggle for prosperity and peace

success comes with sacrifice as we cannot attain rights with real ease.

We can hear the melodious tunes of the freedom bell

Our revolution would make remarkable history, this time would tell


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