Amnesty International group invites MQM’s Tehreem Shahid as a speaker

She appealed for urgent actions.  
She said Malala Yousufzai is the hope of the darkest nation of women's rights. She said she is struggling since the 5th grade for the rights of women and human rights in Pakistan under the umbrella of MQM. She has spoken as a guest speaker in front of many Amnesty International activists. 
She said the people of Pakistan in the urban cities of Sindh, where MQM holds majority seats in assembly, want to listen to Altaf Hussein. The ban on Altaf Hussein's speeches shows the corruption of the judiciary in Pakistan, where none of the Punjabi politicians have underwent similar restrictions on their free speech. It is the genocide and the practice of paramilitary raids, looting, and the extrajudiciary killings of mohajirs.  I appeal to Amnesty International to take urgent action to stop violence against mohajirs.
Tehreem Shahid is a woman in-charge of MQM in the USA. She is running a campaign to for high schools to offer the Urdu language as an option to students to fulfill foreign language requirements in American schools.