Consecutive attacks on defense installations pointing to unseen planning against Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

Conversation with Hassan Nisar about the attack on Minhas Base in Kamra

London -17thAugust 2012: Addressing the intellectuals, columnists, religious and political leaders and social personalities of Pakistan, Founder and Leader of the MQM has asked to think about the unseen planning that was being pointed to by consecutive terrorist-attacks on important defense installations and the migration of the Hindu community to India. He said this while talking to noted columnist and intellectual Mr. Hassan Nisar on telephone.

Talking about the attack on the Minhas Airbase in Kamra in the Punjab province, Mr. Hussain said that the terrorists had earlier carried out brazen attacks on the Mehran Base in Karachi, the GHQ in Rawalpindi, the ordnance factory in Wah Cantt, Manawan Police Training School, and other important installations. He said that members of the Hindu community were applying for asylum in India because of the failing law and order situation in the Interior Sindh.

Expressing his deep concerns on the attacks at important installations and the migration of the people belonging to the Hindu community to India, Mr. Hussain asked the political leadership of the country to think about the threats encircling over the country instead of concentrating on power wrangling.

Mr. Nisar agreed with the concerns of Mr. Hussain but lamented that even though he was thinking about the country while living away from the country but the people who were intimately connected with the events unfolding in Pakistan were doing nothing to improve the situation. He said that the people belonging to every field of life in Pakistan would have to think seriously about the concerns expressed by Mr. Hussain and they will have to come forward for playing their due role in strengthening Pakistan.