Dallas chapter celebrates victory of MQM in Karachi by-election

Communication & Media cell, Dallas; 3rd May 2015: Dallas Chapter of MQM USA hosted the “Victory Celebration Day” in Dallas/Fort Worth area to celebrate the land sliding victory of MQM candidate Kanwar Naveed in the constituency NA 246 of Karachi. MQM Party workers, sympathizers, and a large number of families and people from all aspects of life attended the event with full enthusiasm and showed their passionate love, commitment, support, and faith in the leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain.

Dallas Chapter Joint in-charge, Shakeel Mujhtuba, senior workers Azhar Qasmi, Arif Hashemi, and other members thanked supporters, sympathizers, prominent media persons, and local community members for their participation. Shakeel Mujtaba said while addressing the gathering that workers and supporters from Dallas chapter are together in this victorious moment of MQM.

Azhar Qasmi said that this great victory shows that people of Karachi are not “living dead” as Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) claims. People have given their rightful decision despite the continuous propaganda and media trial by some biased anchors and government agencies.

People enjoyed the event with music and refreshment was served in the end with traditional Pakistani sweets to congratulate each other.