Dallas chapter has started the preparation for 19th annual convention of MQM USA

Chapter in-charge Naseem Sahar and member central committee Asad Siddiqi attended the meeting with the committee members.

Communication & Media Cell, Report, July 9th 2015: MQM USA has started preparing for its 19th annual convention happening in Dallas Texas from July 31st till August 2nd.  A large number of workers, office bearers and supporters have started to register them for the convention.  Recently the meeting was conducted to oversee the preparation of the convention, Dallas Chapter in-charge Naseem Sahar, Joint in-charge Azhar Ghayyure, Shakeel Mujtaba, Nawed Khan, committee members Azhar Qasmi and Arif Hashmi attended the meeting. Asad Siddiqi from the central committee attended the meeting whom Naseem Sahar briefed the ongoing preparation of the convention. The committee ended with the consensus of increasing the contacts among the Pakistani community and all the office bearers condemned the ongoing operation in Karachi in which Rangers have been biased against Muhajir nation in which they are torturing the young men brutally.

They demanded to send the rangers back to the borders and strengthen the Police to control the law and order situation of the province.