Detroit Chapter celebrated 29th Foundation Day of MQM

Communication & Media Cell; Detroit, 18th March 2013 | Detroit Chapter hosted a gathering of MQM workers and supporters to celebrate 29th foundation day of MQM. Amongst the attendees were member of Central Organizing Committee Amir Qazi, accompanied by Helping Committee member Rehan Ibadat, along with Detroit Chapter In-Charge, Joint In-Charges and unit committee members, as well as members of MQM USA CMC Team. The program started off with Chapter In-Charge M. Nizamuddin paying tribute to MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, he further went on explaining MQM’s struggle and success through these 29 years.

Helping Committee member, Rehan Ibadat went on to briefly explain his thoughts on past 29 years of history, and what we can learn from it, in order to plan for our future. The gathering progressed, as COC Member Amir Qazi enlightened transition of APMSO, into Muhajir Qaumi Movement, and eventually into Muttahida Qaumi Movement and its role within the overseas setup, along with the hardships faced throughout the last three decades. The conversation adapted a round-table format as all attendees shared their thoughts and enlightened a brief piece of history. Amongst the items mentioned and discussed were, Mr. Altaf Hussain’s philosophy of Realism and Practicalism, along with development by MQM, empowering the masses, sending educated middle class representatives to parliament and other elected positions throughout democratic framework, including the local body system.

Lastly, a special prayer was held paying tribute to those martyred in the past 29 years, including the brutal murder of three MQM Hyderabad Zone workers today, as well as for well-being and long life of Mr. Altaf Hussain. The evening convened with melodies of MQM being echoed throughout and a special cake cutting ceremony was held, where a cake designed similar to an MQM’s flag was cut to celebrate the jubilant moment.