Detroit Chapter Organized a Seminar on Need of New Administrative Units in Pakistan

If funds allocated for rural development were spent, numerous Karachi like developed cities would’ve been present across Sindh – Junaid Fahmi

Communication and Media Cell, Detroit, November 16th 2014 | MQM USA’s Detroit Chapter organized a seminar titled Soobay Banao Mulk Bachao (Create New Provinces, Save Pakistan). The purpose of this seminar was to address the necessity for creation of new administrative units. The seminar was attended by large numbers of local Pakistani community members from all walks of life.

The chief guest of this program was MQM USA’s Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi, and former Haq Parast Member of Provincial Assembly Sohail Yousufzai. Also in attendance were Central Organizing Committee member Amir Qazi, Helping Committee member Rehan Ibadat, Communication and Media Cell’s Joint In-Charge, Shariq Sajjad, Chapter In-Charge Mohammad Nizam along with rest of chapter committee. The event was attended by large number of Pakistani community members of all ages, particularly by professionals and intellectuals belonging from various ethnicities from different parts of Pakistan.

Amongst the guest addressees were local prominent intellects including Mr. Masiur Rehman, Mr. Faiz Khan, Dr. Babri, Professor Zameer Ahmed, MQM USA Communication and Media Cell’s Joint In-Charge Shariq Sajjad, Detroit Chapter’s Committee Member Muhammad Fakhar-Ul-Anwar, along with Former Haq Parast MPA Sohail Yousufzai, who travelled from Chicago, IL to attend the seminar.

In the opening session, various speakers shared their thoughts and presented there perspectives, while discussing the pros and cons of administrative units. In their remarks, meaning of administrative units was explained in detail and the ever-rising need for them in Pakistan. The speakers went on to discuss how the nation could benefit from it and if the current structure is kept in place, further destruction in inevitable.  

Addressing from the seminar, in his brief lecture MQM USA’s Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi discussed about the resources currently being provided to all the provinces from the federal government, in lieu of NFC awards, and particularly how the monetary policies of Sindh’s Development Budget are inefficiently organized in manner to create an environment of loot and corruption. While going into further detail he briefed the participants that within the current budget of Sindh 28 Billion Rupees out of 700 Billion Rupees have been allocated for Development of Urban areas, of which 14 billon are allocated for Chief Minister’s Expenditures. Leaving behind an excess sum of 672 Billion Rupees for development of Rural Sindh, which evades in form of corruption; leaving the residents of Rural Sindh with situations like Thar’s Droughts to face. If funds allocated for rural development were actually spent, numerous Karachi like developed cities would’ve been present across Sindh, and poverty would’ve be eliminated.

Former Haq Parast MPA Sohail Yousufzai, discussed his personal experience and time spent in the assembly and how the feudal mindset prevented development of Sindh in order to keep the masses uneducated and deprived of basic democratic needs so they can serve as their salves and bow to generations of feudal lords to come. Meanwhile Shariq Sajjad and Fakhar-Ul-Anwar presented a detailed informative visual presentation of Pakistan’s history and how the provincial and administrative structure has evolved throughout past century and no provinces has been in its original form; furthermore Sindh in particular has been a victim of continuous alienation in lieu of enforced unjustified quota system. While the nation has been deprived of census leave the urban population underrepresented, creating an unbalanced equilibrium resulting unfair share of power and resources.

In concluding, a brief question and answer session was held as participants sought clarification of various questions and concerns, they regarded MQM USA’s efforts to create awareness for this cause and for development and advancement of Pakistan. Central Organizing Committee member, Amir Qazi thanked the participants for their attendance and praised the works of Detroit Chapter for hosting a successful seminar. Lastly, Chapter In-Charge Mohammed Nizamuddin also thanked the participants and held a special prayer for long-life and well-being of MQM’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain.