Houston Chapter celebrates 61st Birthday of Mr. Altaf Hussain

Communication & Media Cell; Houston: 23rd September 2014;  Houston Chapter celebrates 61st Birthday of founder and leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain. Chapter Incharge, Committee members, supporters, well wishers, friends and kids attended the ceremony. 

Chapter In-charge Imtiaz Ahsan, Joint Chapter In-Charge Zahid Ali and Shoaib Ahmed along with rest of Chapter Committee Members, congratulates the participants on the 61st Birthday of leader of the Nation, Mr. Altaf Hussain.  Chapter In-charge Imtiaz Ahsan addressed the gathering and urged the workers to spread Mr. Hussain's message of peace and love to Pakistani community. He said that MQM wants to bring revolution in Pakistan where equal rights and opportunities are given to all. He further said that the formula by Mr. Altaf Hussain for the creation of new provinces would ensure progress, prosperity and stability in the country./

On this ocassion, all the participants including workers, supporters and youth pledged their loyalty with Mr. Altaf Hussain. 

The participants prayed for the long and healthy life of Mr. Altaf Hussain. At the end, funds were collected for the flood victims of Pakistan.