Houston Chapter celebrates 62nd Birthday of Mr. Altaf Hussain

Communication & Media Cell; Houston, September 26th 2015: Houston Chapter celebrates 62nd Birthday of founder and leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain. Chapter Committee Members, workers, supporters and well wishers attended the event.

Chapter In charge Shoaib Ahmed congratulated everyone on Mr. Altaf Hussain's Birthday. Shoaib Ahmed also mentioned in his speech the extra-judicial killings of MQM workers in Karachi and the hard times MQM is facing. Joint in charge Arif Rauf & Mohammad Ahmed requested Pakistani community to attend the upcoming MQM USA protest demonstration which will be held in New York on September 30 2015 in front of UN.

Central Helping Committee Members, Imtiaz Ahsan, Jamshaid Warsi, and Syed Zahid Ali requested in their speeches for everyone to become active on social media and to support MQM and to remember the needy during Eid ul Adha by donating to Sun Charity USA.

Ex-MPA Erum Farooqui, and PAGH President Mian Nazeer were also among the attendees.

Pakistani community members, Houston Chapter Committee members, Central Helping Committee members, workers, and well wishers celebrated by cutting the cake.

Participants prayed for martyr of revolution Dr Imran Farooq Shaheed, all the martyrs of MQM, and especially prayed for Mr. Altaf Hussain's health and long life.