Joint Organizer of MQM USA Mohammad Arshad Hussain met with workers of Houston Chapter

Communication & Media Cell; HOUSTON, TX, April 21st, 2013: Houston Chapter hosted a gathering of MQM workers and supporters to discuss the current situation in Pakistan. Amongst the attendees were Joint Central Organizer of MQM USA Mohammad Arshad Hussain, Chapter In-Charge Imtiaz Ahsan, Joint Chapter In-Charge Mohammad Ahmed, COC Helping Committee member Major Najmi & Jamshaid Warsi along with committee members, workers and supporters.

The program started off with Chapter In-Charge Imtiaz Ahsan introducing Chapter Committee members to Arshad Hussain. Joint Organizer Arshad Hussain addressed to the gathering and put together a small picture of what MQM has gone through in past 29 years of Journey and what more we could expect. He strongly condemned the killing of MQM workers, MPA’s, and MQM’s supporters Arshad Hussain also explained, how history is repeating it-self and how MQM is getting threats, and scare tactics are being used to scramble MQM away from upcoming Elections. He further said that MQM and it’s vote bank in Karachi is the target of illegal and unconstitutional “Halqa Bandi”. Joint Organizer Mohammad Arshad Hussain strongly said that we will not let anyone destroy our home, Pakistan, either Foreign, or Domestic enemies.

Changes and re-organization was also announced in the Houston Chapter. Arif Bhai is an addition in the Houston Chapter Committee. And in addition of Mohammad Ahmed and Zahid Ali being (2) Joint Chapter In-Charges, Shoaib Ahmed will be the 3rd Joint Chapter In-Charge of Houston Chapter. All the Chapter members and Joint Central Organizer Mohammad Arshad Hussain congratulated the new office bearers of Houston Chapter.