MQM Founder Altaf Hussain to address Foundation Day main event in London on March 17th

Founder leader of the MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain would on the occasion of 34th Foundation Day of the Movement address to the worldwide audience on Mar 17 this current month. The Foundation Day would be graced by MQM affiliates, senior journalists, TV anchors, columnists, intellects and bloggers. The Foundation Day would be observed worldwide with a theme of “Day of Loyalty” and hundreds of events in connection with the Foundation Day would be organised worldwide and the main event would be held in London. The main London event would attract a large number of MQM affiliates from Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Luton, Sheffield and cities and people and affiliates from different overseas units of the Movement would also participate. MQM UK affiliates are in process of finalising the preparations for the Day’s main event. In this context, the Movement’s coordination Committee has announced that the participation in the main event would only be through proper invitation and in this regard, all affiliates of the Movement should approach their in-charges and central organisers concerned.