MQM USA 19th Annual Convention - Day 2 Session 1

Altaf Hussain is a teacher, leader and a preacher who preached the need of the country - Senator Khushbakht Shujaat

More provinces will strengthen the country and are need of 98% deprived people of different communities - Iram Farooqui

Communication and Media Cell (Dallas, TX) August 1st, 2015 | MQM USA’s 19th annual convention has been going on in Dallas Texas in which workers, office bearers and supporters from more than 22 cities ofUSA are present.  The third session of the convention was presided by the central organizer of MQM USAJunaid Fahmi, while joint organizer Arshad Hussain, members of central organizing committee Saqib Mohiuddin, Amir Qazi, Wakeel Ahmad Jamali, Wasim Zaidi, Gul Mohammad, Ali Hasan, Tauseef Khan andthe senior deputy convener of MQM Nadeem Nusrat, member of central organizing committee Wasay Jalil, member of central executive committee Baber Ghauri, senator Khushbakht Shujaat, Parliamentarians Adnan Ahmad and Iram Farooqui were also present. The first session started with the holy verses of Quran and then the youth wing shared their valuable thoughts about Pakistan and Pakistani politics. Adeel from Illinois said that people who migrated for religion and for a new home sacrificed their lives and still sacrificing for a better Pakistan but they haven’t been accepted as sons of soil. Alina Khan from Chicago appreciated the leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain for the Muhajir nation. Amina said that nation always needs a strong platform for future which Mr. Hussain has provided for the muhajir nation. Arif Khan Advocate appreciated the valuable comments of the youth by gifting them $100 honorarium.

In second Session Mohtarma Naseem un Sahar and Bushra Saqib of Woman Wing shared their thoughts on the importance of independence. They said that we celebrate the independence day but our new generation is unaware with the real sacrifices and facts of the independence. Mr. Hussain has not only given us the philosophy of realism but an identity to live with.

In the third session , the chapter in-charge of Dallas Naseem us Sahar, New York Chapter in-charge KamalAnjum, Chicago chapter in-charge Sohail Yousuf presented the chapters’ reports. Bother Nizam from Detroit chapter presented a beautiful poetry titled “Payghaam Haq”. Dr. Yasir from new Mexico said that education is the jewel of muhajir nation and MQM is working for the equal system of education for all classes in Pakistan. Senator Khushbakht Shujaat said that Mr. Hussain is a great leader, teacher and a philosopher and a preacher as well. He has preached the importance of equality in the country. She further said that his lectures are the assets of our movement and we should make the right use of it. On attendees’ request she recited Darood Taj with the prayer that the way Muhajir returned successful fromMecca, may Almighty give us the same success under the leadership of Mr. Hussain.  Parliamentarian Iram said that not only Muhajirs but 98% people are depriving from the rights and the separate province is not only the demand of Muhajir nation but also the demand of Saraiki and Hazarwal people. More provinces will strengthen the country. Saqib Mohiuddin was conducting the session.