MQM USA Commemorated "Martyrs Day" in Washington DC and New York with reverence and respect

Haq Parast Martyrs of MQM sacrificed their lives to give longevity to our ideology- Mateen Yousuf

Separate province should be announced to alleviate sense of deprivation among urban Sindh - Arshad Hussain

Communication & Media Cell, Washington DC: 12-17-2015; MQM USA held condolence gatherings and Quranic recitations for the martyrs of MQM on "Martyrs Day" in Washington DC and New York.

Joint Organizer Mohammad Arshad Hussain; members of Organizing Committee Tauseef Khan, Mateen Yousuf, Kamran Haidar; Chapter in-charge Izhar Khan and members of chapter committee along with a huge number of supporters attended the event in Washington DC and paid respect to the martyrs of movement.

Member Central organizing committee Tauseef Khan paid homage and reverence to MQM's more than fifteen thousand martyrs including Mr. Altaf Hussain's brother Nasir Hussain and nephew Arif Hussain. He said that the names of martyrs will be remembered in history with golden letters.

Member of Central organizing committee Kamran Haider said that a murder is a murder regardless it was committed by police, army, any other law enforcing agency or a civilian. If an ordinary civilian can be punished for committing murder then the same punishment should be given to personals of state run agencies.

Talking about Qasba/Aligarh incident, Pakka Qila Hyderabad incident and other similar incidents the Member of organizing committee and former deputy mayor of Karachi Mateen Yousuf said that hundreds of innocent citizens were brutally murdered in these incidents but neither there were any inquiries nor the perpetrator were captured. He said that only God can save a country where the law enforcing agencies and courts exists but fail to provide justice. He asserted that success of the movement is absolutely because of the martyrs and the day will come when their sacrifices will bring our movement to its desired objective.

Joint Organizer of MQM USA Mohammad Arshad Hussain said that many ruthless attempts were made to end MQM's struggle but failed miserably. He asserted that MQM consists of people with great vision and does not believe in taking revenge. He said that when a movement has matured with thirty years in experience it may lose some supporters but the vision and movement cannot be defeated by any power of the world. He paid utmost respect and homage to the martyrs saying Haq Parast martyrs of MQM sacrificed their lives to give permanency to our vision and we will not let their sacrifices in vain. He said that with steadfast supporters and sacrifices of martyrs, inshaAllah, the day when righteous vision of Mr. Altaf Hussain will bring revolution and justice will prevail is not far. He further said that to end the deprivation of already depriving urban territories of Sindh, a new Province should be announced. At the end of the program Izhar Khan, Chapter In-charge of Washington DC thanked the attendees of event and paid homage to the martyrs.In remembrance of "Martyrs Day" a Quran recitation event to bless the souls of martyrs was also arranged in New York where member of central organizing committee Gul Mohammad, member of helping committee Anjum Arif, Mohammad Khursheed Haque, in-charge New York chapter Usama Hassan along with members of committee attended the program. They paid homage to the martyrs and made special prayers for health and longevity of Founder and Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain.

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