MQM USA Dallas Chapter held meeting for upcoming protest in Washington DC

MQM USA Dallas Chapter held a special meeting for upcoming peaceful protest in front of White House in Washington DC, USA. Meeting was conducted by chapter in-charge Nawed Khan while joint in-charges Azhar Ghayoor and Azhar Qasmi along with many workers and supporters were also present. Nawed Khan went over the details of the upcoming historical protest in front of White House with the attendees. He conveyed Quaid-e-Tehreek (Founder & Leader of MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain's instructions to participate en masse and make it a successful historic protest. Nawed was briefed with details of preparation in Dallas/Fort Worth for the protest. While appreciating everyone's effort he was well satisfied with the progress. Event posters have been posted in all major places of city and news media is provided with details of the protest.

To raise voice against discrimination, injustice, forced disappearances, extra judicial killing, state terrorism and genocide of Mohajir nation in Karachi and other cities of Urban Sindh MQMUSA is organizing a huge peaceful protest on Saturday, July 23rd, in front of White House in Washington DC, USA. Participants from all over USA and abroad are expected to attend the historic protest en masse. Chapters all over USA are fully engaged in preparation for the protest. Attendees are ensured travel, board and meals. Special buses are arranged in major cities to take attendees to the protest and return.

Workers in Dallas Chapter's meeting agreed to attend the protest on Quaid-e-Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain's call. They renewed their dedication and loyalty to him and to Mohajir nation.

Anyone in Dallas / Fort Worth area who is interested in attending the protest in Washington DC should contact representatives of MQMUSA Dallas Chapter.