MQM USA Houston Chapter Celebrated 30th Yaum-e-Tasees of MQM

March 23rd 2014 - Houston:  MQM Houston Chapter Celebrated 30th Yaum-e-Tasees of MQM on March 23rd 2014 Saturday at a local Houston resturant.  Large number of public supporters and well-wishers office bearers and workers attended the event. 

Ali Johan, Committee Member hosted the event.  Speeches were given by office bearers and mentioned the 30 year journey of MQM and the hard work of Quied-e Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain.  The sacrifices of the workers and Shohda-e-Haq of MQM were remembered and public appreciated the work of MQM in Pakistan and worldwide including USA Chapters.

Sister Nimre Warsi recited Qirat of Qaraan-e-kareem to start the Program, Gehwara-e-Adab In-Charge Amir ul Hassan read a beautiful Poem.

MQM Houston Chapter In-charge Imtiaz Ahsan, Joint Chapter In-Charge S. Zahid Ali, Joint Chapter In-Charge Shoaib Ahmed, Committee Member & In-Charge Political Awareness Committee Arif Rauf, Texas Helping committee members Major Najmi & Jamshaid Warsi, & MQM USA Central Organizing Committee Member Muhammed Zaheer gave speeches and gave the message of Quied e Tehreek to the gathering. 

Committee Member Shamim Bhai recited Dua for Quied e Tehreek's Long life, and MQM's strength and mission/vision.