MQM USA Peaceful Demonstration Outside UN Headquarters in NYC

Protestors urged United Nations to take notice of Media Black Out of MQM Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, Human Rights Violations (Extra Judicial Killings, Missing Workers, Inhumane Torture) and Illegal Raids.

Communication and Media Cell, New York City, NY, Friday, April 8th, 2016 | The New York chapter of MQM USA held a massive demonstration outside the headquarters of United Nation. The demonstration was attended by Sr. Joint Organizer of MQM USA, Arif Siddiqui, Helping Committee Member, Khursheed Ul-Haq, Ex Joint Organizer, Arshad Hussain, Ex Central Committee Member Gul Mohammed, Gahwarah-E-Adaab In-Charge Mahfooz Hydari along with large numbers of community members of Pakistani Diaspora from all walks of life.

Amidst, cold weather protestors held banners and placards demanding United Nations to take notice of Media Black of MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, along with worst forms of Human Rights Violations; Extra Judicial Killings, Enforced Disappearances, Inhumane Torture, Illegal Captivity, as well as continuous series of Raids on MQM’s political offices all over Pakistan.

The demonstrators vowed to continue raising their voices till justice is sought in Pakistan, and perpetrators of such deliberate Human Rights Violations are brought to justice.