NA-246 – By-Poll Victory: Celebration and Musical Evening in Detroit

Communication and Media Cell, Detroit, MI | In commemoration of MQM’s victory in NA-246 Detroit Chapter held a musical gathering which was attended by large numbers men’s, women’s, kids and the elders of Pakistani diaspora. Also in attendance were MQM USA’s office bearers, Central Organizing Committee member, Amir Qazi, Helping Committee member Rehan Ibadat, Communication and Media Cell Joint In-Charge Shariq Sajjad, Detorit Chapter In-Charge Mohammed Nizamuddin, along with rest of chapter committee.

The event started off with recitation of Quran and Naat Khuwani. A special prayer was held in remembrance of martyred MQM Chairman Azeem Ahmed Tariq to commemorate his 22nd death anniversary.  A visual aid presentation was delivered by Shariq Sajjad and Fakhar Anwar outlining the demographics of Sindh and political injustice with Karachi’ites. Additionally, local notables shared their thoughts on inequality and discriminations with Mohajirs residing in Urban Sindh.

Furthermore, the musical evening led by a local female vocalist added beautiful melodies to soften the mood. In concluding, iconic party anthems were played to end as the evening, as kids and the youth dance in celebratory style to end the night.