The need of more provinces for Federation or Division?
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Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the southern Punjab province and the Bahawalpur province should be created before the upcoming general elections as the demands for these provinces reflect the aspirations of millions of people.

It is a fact that the administrative units in Pakistan (the 4 provinces besides FATA), are too large to be managed efficiently. There is a huge disconnect between the rulers and the ruled. The impact of steps taken by the government hardly trickles down to the grassroots level. The participation of locals in development efforts is minimal. Priorities of the central government in addressing issues of the people are more often than not, way out of sync with the actual ground realities, to say the least. The demands for creating the new provinces of southern Punjab and Bahawalpur are the basic rights of the people.

If we ignore the demands of the people then the situation like Baluchistan will occurs, which will create more instability in Pakistan. Therefore, fulfilling the demand of people will make a better and stronger Pakistan. Seeing the current situation where Pakistan is burning in the fire of terrorism and can’t afford more issues, shouldn’t all parties unite on n one point agenda of accepting the demands of deprived people of South Punjab?

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