San Antonio Chapter organized program on the need of new provinces in Pakistan

Communication & Media Cell; San Antonio | San Antonio Chapter organized a program on the need of new provinces in Pakistan. The purpose of this program was to address the necessity for creation of new administrative units in the country. Program was attended by Central Organizer of MQM USA Junaid Fahmi, Joint Organizer Mohammed Arshad Hussain and former MQM Senator Babar Ghauri along with large number of local Pakistani community. Present on the occasion were Chapter Incharge Izhar Ahmed, Committee members and workers of San Antonio Chapter.

Addressing the audience, Babar Ghauri said that status quo forces in Pakistan are working on minus Altaf Hussain formula which is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan. He further said that people who are calling Mr. Altaf Hussain as traitor are actually the real enemies of Pakistan. Mr. Hussain has proved in testing times that his is the real patriot who wants progressive, liberal and prosper Pakistan. Central Organizer, Junaid Fahmi while addressing the audience said that Mohajirs are being victimized with an agenda to eliminate the only liberal force of Pakistan. He said that MQM has all alone raised the strong voice against the activities of Taliban and Al Qaida in Pakistan and we will never surrender to these extremist forces.

Joint Organizer Mohammed Arshad Hussain stated that creation of new provinces will be the first step towards achieving success, peace and prosperity within the nation. Since independence, Pakistan’s population has been grown exponentially, the current demographics has caused mismanagement amongst existing structure. Hence, in order to better manage the administration, creation of new provinces is the need of the hour. He further said that creation of new province in Sindh is the demand of population living in Urban Sindh.

Chapter Incharge Izhar Ahmed, congratulates the audience on the land slide victory of MQM in Karachi By-election. He said that people of Karachi have shown complete faith and confidence on the leadership and policies of Mr. Altaf Hussain. He said that Karachi needs immediate attention from federal and provincial government and creation of Urban Sindh province will further strengthen Pakistan.