Social media and Pakistani revolution

We are just sick and tired of these corrupt politicians and their corrupt practices in Pakistan. High inflation rate and lawlessness are the gifts from our ruling elite to the people of Pakistan. The concept of middle class has vanished from the Pakistani society and now it has become the battle of survival for the poor class. The up to down flow and trend of corruption is causing illiteracy, extremism and terrorism in the country. Load shedding of electricity and gas has multiplied the rate of unemployment and economic crisis in the country.  Pakistan is in deep crisis!!

These are the core topics discussed everyday in the drawing rooms of our Nation. The studios of our TV channels are telecasting the images and stories of poverty, illiteracy and economic crisis. We have passed 64 years of our independence while shouting on the same crisis but it hasn’t gone away. The word of “ revolution “ has become a fashion and culture in the political history of Pakistan. The poor and oppressed class of Pakistan have been made hostage in the name of revolution. Corrupt ruling elite play the game of musical chair after every few years and portray change of faces as a revolution in Pakistan.

We might not compete with the advancements in the 21st century but we cannot deny that we are living in the 21st century. If we see the world from the Pakistani angle, we realize that rest of the world invented some kind of time machine which carried them to the world of future. We did not buy the tickets of this time machine and now our Nation is stranded in the 19th century with no power, gas, education, employment, economic growth. Or should I say that when the rest of the world was planning to invent the machine to conquer the world, we were selling its tickets in black.

There is total disconnect between the prosperous countries and third world countries like Pakistan. The build up of frustration, desperation and isolation to live our lives in the era of 19th century is destroying the remains of our society.

We have to stand up and start our national struggle to meet the objectives and goals of Pakistani society. The recent revolution in Middle East called “Arab Spring “ is the success model for our Nation. Social Media played vital and decisive role in spreading the message of revolution around the Middle East. The power of social media was witnessed by the world when huge campaigns were run on FaceBook, Twitter and You Tube.  Do not forget that these freedom struggles were started in countries where they have dictatorial rule for decades. These governments and their intelligence agencies have full control on print and electronic media and strict censorship was imposed on the newspapers, journals and TV channels.

The revolutionaries from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain decided to use the modern tools of cyber world to demolish the inhumane tools being used by the oppressors. The self immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi was the event which started this fire in Tunisia and then organized campaigns on social media ignited the flames of revolution in the Middle East. The protest calls were given on FaceBook; directions to reach the places of protest were shared on Twitter and You Tube was used to prepare the short clip videos of atrocities committed by the government forces. It was a highly organized and emotional campaign on social media which gathered millions of people in these countries who were ready to topple their corrupt governments.


We do not want to bring revolution with the power of arms and ammunition in Pakistan but we want to see peaceful revolution which would be durable and sustainable for the country.  The youth of Pakistan could use the social media to educate and provide awareness to the common people of their basic rights. They could expose the cruel faces of our feudal and land lords, industrialists, religious extremists and corrupt politicians.

Our youth has to understand that now we don’t have any excuses on how to spread the ideology and philosophy of truth after the vibrant presence of social media. Newspapers and TV channels might not give us the space and time to educate the people but social media is giving us equal and fair opportunity to spread the message of revolution.  We have the freedom of speech now in Pakistan through social media which allows us to address our domestic and international audience at the same time.

Educated, honest and Middle class leadership is the need of our domestic audience for progressive and prosper Pakistan where as the same phenomenon would make the region stable and peaceful for international stake holders.

Pakistan has gone in the now or never like situation. The choice to select the type of time machine is all ours, one time machine could take us to the Stone Age and the other would open the doors of 21st century on us.

We are not reinventing the wheel of revolution in Pakistan. The successful “ Arab Spring “ is our role model and now the ball is in our court to make the dream of Pakistani revolution a reality.




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