Washington DC chapter celebrates 32nd Foundation Day of MQM

MQM is struggling to empower the middle and lower middle class of Pakistan: Mateen Yousuf

 Altaf Hussain is only leader who has the real solutions of the problems of Pakistan: Imran Hussain

Communication & Media cell; Washington DC, March 22nd 2016: Washington DC chapter of MQM USA celebrates the 32nd foundation day of MQM with enthusiasm. Central organizer of MQM USA, Mateen Yousuf, Helping committee member Shahid Moeen, in-charge Ad hoc committee, Imran Hussain was present with committee members Asma Shah, Irfan Jamali, Matloob Zaidi and Misbah Basit. Large number of MQM workers, supporters and Pakistani community attended the event. 

Central Organizer Mateen Yousuf congratulated the guests on the 32nd foundation day and said that MQM is a democratic party and believes in a democratic form of structure in the country. MQM is the only revolutionary political force which represents the middle and lower middle class of Pakistan. He said that MQM will keep struggling till the oppressed nation will get its due rights in Pakistan. He further said that the solution of the problems of Pakistan is to treat all equally. We the Muhajirs are the offspring of the founders of Pakistan but still asking for our rights.

Imran Hussain, in-charge Ad hoc committee while speaking to the gathering said that today MQM is facing the allegation of “traitor of the country” although MQM is the only brave political force which has always come forward raising the voice against Taliban and extremist forces in Pakistan. He said that some people have come forward alleging our leader Mr. Altaf Hussain for braining washing the youth but they have no guts to tell the nation that who are actually brain washing the people in madrassas on the name of religion and Jihad. 

Shahid Moeen welcomed the guests and urged the workers to stay united to defeat all the conspiracies against MQM. Shaheen shabih and Fauzia Shahid from Women wing and Abiha from Youth wing shed light on the ideology of Mr. Hussain and his struggle for MQM.

Communication and Media Cell department prepared a video to paid tribute to founder and leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain on his visionary leadership under the title of “Leader of the Nation”. The local poets from tri state area of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia attended the event and shared their poetry to tribute MQM’s long struggle.

Matloob Zaidi and Faisal Usmani conducted the evening and in the end Washington DC chapter pledged allegiance to MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain.

The chapter workers, supporters and youth wing took part in the cake cutting ceremony followed by conclusion of the evening.