Which political party has the vision and manifesto to turn our country into shining Pakistan?
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All political parties are getting ready to contest 2013 Elections in next few months. Pakistan is facing serious domestic and international challenges and this is the time for the people of Pakistan to elect right people for the right job.

What do you think the right choice would be for the people of Pakistan? Do you think Pakistan needs sincere, patriotic, educated and middle class leadership for peaceful and prosper Pakistan?

Which political party could make Pakistan a corruption free society ?


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Without a doubt!
It is evident by the history of MQMs monumental struggle which only resulted in betterment of anywhere they ever served, even when they were undermined by the worst of enemies.

Shams Anwar

Every one knows since Pakistan became people try every party and now Pakistn is there where every one says there is no future, yes if people still vote same people who are not doing any thing for Pakistan,in vice versa you saw MQM got 4 years fully authorize in Karachi under the control of Mustafa Kamal times every one see in the world Karachi is completely change, if MQM get fully control in Pakistan Inshallah Under the guidance of Altaf bhai Pakistan will definately change, so please Vote MQM by next election, only hope is MQM

syed Amin U Ddin

One N Only MQM

syed hasham ali

Only MQM is the only choice for the people of Pakistan


Only party I know that have educated individuals is MQM. Party full of educated individuals can only promote higher education. Education makes a person wise, builds character, become analytical, critical, makes your country prosper, attracts ideas, and so on and so forth.

Muhammad Haider

In this feudal political scenario in Pakistan, MQM is the only hope for the people of Pakistan. If we do not elect middle class educated people then it will another musical chair.


Well I think people must look into the track record of consistency of political parties towards their manifesto secondly check who is not having intention to keep party clean from dynasties and families - which party got the dare to give ticket to a simple worker
I think voter also got the responsibility to analyze the facts


There is no doubt that MQM is the only political party which can bring positive change in the lives of common Pakistani. MQM is fighting against the menace of corruption,feudalism, extremism and terrorism in Pakistan. MQM is the role model for all the political forces of Pakistan. If we have any hope for our beloved country then MQM is the one !!
Imran Hussain


MQM only


only mqm

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