Why local bodies system is necessary to solve the problems of common Pakistani?
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Local bodies are the nurseries of democracy in any civilized society.  All the political parties in Pakistan talk about the need of devolution of power but no political party except MQM is raising voice for local bodies election in Pakistan.

Do you think that the last Local Bodies system delivered for the people of Pakistan ?

Do you agree that MQM created the success models in Karachi & Hyderabad for local bodies system ?

In your opinion why local bodies system is necessary to solve the problems of common Pakistani ?

MQM USA invites its readers to give their opinion and suggestions….

PML (N) is one of of the most corrupt party of our conurty. For example agar Punjab ma merit pa yellow cab cars di jatti to log oss ma mazdoori kar raha hotte, Lahore, Faisalabad k bargains ma log car sale karne k liye nahi latte. Dosri baat ya k 1998 ma PML (N) ki governoment k doran flour ka artificial bohran paida kar dia ta in loggo na aur log bhook ki wajja sa marre ja raha ta, iss artificial bohran ki wajja sa inho na arbo kamai, kam az kam ma woh din to nahi bhool sakta, tesri baat ya k ishaq dar ko jab wazir-e-khazana banaya gaya ta to oss na foran ya keh dia k Pakistan kangal ho gaya ha khazana khalli ho gaya ha, jab k os waqt qoumi khazana ma 17 arab ruppee mojood ta, woh 17 arab ruppee Nawaz shareef, Ishaq dar, chaudary nisar na apis ma banta, aur iss waqai k foran bhad PML (N) government sa aleda howi. Sharam anni chahiye inha. iss tarah ki hazaroon waqaiat ha jo inho na Pakistani koum k sath kiya.

Local bodies play vital role in the development of any city. Syed Mustafa Kamal's tenure is enough to understand the role of Local govt system in the development of Karachi.

Muhammad Haider

MQM and Mustafa Kamal both delivered through Local Bodies System. We never had a local bodies elections in the time of democracy.


Well said!


Yes, local bodies system is essential to build strong organizational base and healthy communities.

If we want strong Pakistan, local city government with full administrative and economic authority is a must to control law and order situation in any metropolis, domestic violence, encourage healthy economic, social and cultural activities, provide essential health, basic education and affordable housing to needy segment of the society. It encourages self-participation, ownership and involvement of local communities in their day to day business.


Developmental administration is the main objective. Which is always effected by the means of local bodies responsible for the implementation of various centrally-sponsored, state-funded, and externally-aided schemes for provision of basic amenities and other services to the people. This is mandatory for the prosperity of Pakistan!

Kafeel Qadri

Local bodies system play a vital role in raising awareness and educating people in promoting sustainable development because these were the level of governance closest to the people and through this system voice can be heard of a common people.

Dawar Naqvi

Financial performance improves if urban local bodies exercise the defined control measures.

Prudent financial control practices are helpful to small and medium-sized urban local bodies and especially to urban local bodies of developing countries.

Urban Local Bodies, as providers of urban services, face the challenge of increasing demands (due to rapid urban growth). Control practices will help to fulfil this objective.

Urban local bodies will be in a better position to know when to put extra effort into revenue generation.

To provide better service it’s important to have elected local bodies instead of bureaucracy. We need Mayor Like Syed Mustaf Kamal in all cities of Pakistan.


Transfer of power to grass root level is an important for development of any country.

Tanzeel Ejazi

Local govt system is part of a system that help common man so it must exist.

Asad Abbas

Karachi and Hyderabad are the prime examples of what local bodies system can deliver for the common people of Pakistan.
Syed Mustafa Kamal was named as one of the three best mayors around the world during his tenure as the City Nazim of Karachi. Local Bodies election should be held without any delay and power should be transferred to the common man at the grass root level.


Totally agree Local bodies are the nurseries of democracy in any civilized society. Development in Karachi and Hyderabad is the biggest and simplest example for all those who really like to understand the requirement of local bodies system.

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