Muhajirs Demand Freedom & Right to Self Determination

Muhajirs Demand Freedom & Right to Self Determination

MQM Rejects “Bogus” Census, and Demand Fresh Census Under UN Supervision

MQM Submitted a Memorandum to UN Secreatary General against the Muhajir Genocide

I urge the Secretary General of United Nation to Come Forward and Help Innocent Muhajirs and Baloch Suffering in Pakistan - MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain

Communication and Media Cell, New York City, September 23rd, 2017; MQM workers and supporters of Muhajir diaspora from all-over the United States gathered in New York to hold a massive demonstration outside United Nations Headquarter as the 72nd General Assembly Session proceeds.

The demonstrators, resoundingly rejected ongoing barbarianism in Pakistan, upon innocent Muhajir at the hands of Law Enforcement Agencies. In their demand, they called for independence and separation form terrorist state of Pakistan, as they vowed to continue their pursuit for right of self-determination.

They held placards labeling generals of Pakistan’s Military and Para-Military forces as war criminals, and termed them as butchers and killers of innocent Muhajirs. They claimed that military establishment has killed over 20,000 innocent muhajirs over the last three decades, including a recent rise of hundreds of extra judicial killings and enforced disappearances, as well as thousands held under illegal captivity without a trail.

Furthermore, they went on to say that Pakistan has become an epicenter and breading ground of terrorism fueled by ISI and other military establishment, which has become a global cause of concern. In doing so, they have converted the port City of Karachi, an economic and social-hub of Pakistan as a safe heaven and breeding ground for global terrorists. All of this is taking place when the region’s most liberal and political force MQM and its Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain are being pushed against the wall, and the existence of this Gag-Order (a blanket ban) of photos and speeches of Mr. Altaf Hussain by the iron-clad led Pakistan army, violates all norm of freedom of speech in a democratic society.

The protestors claimed that Muhajirs are deprived of the basic fundamental rights in Pakistan. In the recent census, population of Urban Sindh, an epicenter of Muhajirs had been slashed in half, in an attempt to deprive Muhajirs of essential and vital rights. They rejected the bogus census, and demanded a fresh census, held under supervision of United Nations.

MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain joined his workers and supporters via Tele-Conference and addressed the participant on this occasion. In his address, Mr. Hussain demanded the secretary general of United Nation to come forward and help innocent Muhajirs and Baloch suffering in Pakistan. He vowed and urged the supporters and workers to take this campaign forward at every platform and apprise them all of barbaric actions of Pakistani Military upon innocent human beings.

Addressing from the demonstration, Central Organizer of MQM USA Mr. Mateen Yousuf went on to say, that for the last four decades MQM has played its role to eradicate corruption and inequality in Pakistan. In return, MQM and Muhajir nation always faced negative propaganda, heinous conspiracies, and genocidal torture on its workers and supporters. We protested this at every platform, and demanded to stop pushing Muhajirs against the wall. Hence, we can longer tolerate such barbarianism and have reached to a point where we demand intervention from International Community and particularly the United Nations to help and liberate oppressed Muhajirs from torture and tyranny of Pakistan and its Military Establishment. He went, on to state that MQM USA has submitted a memorandum to United Nation’s Secretary General demanding to take stern action against ongoing Muhajir Genocide, and intervene of violations of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech.