SUN Charity USA hosted Annual Iftar Dinner in Chicago Chapter

IL Senator Ira Silverstein, Alderman 50th ward, Debra Silverstein, Adnan Siddiqui, Asif Khan, Junaid Fahmi and Mohammad Younus Addressed the Event

Communication & Media Cell - Chicago, August 17th 2012:

Sun Charity Chicago Chapter hosted Iftar dinner to raise money for needy and underprivileged families in Pakistan and around the globe.  The Iftar dinner was held at Zeenat Banquet. IL Senator Ira Silverstein, Alderman 50th ward, Debra Silverstein, Chairman Pakistan Parade Committee, Raja Yaqub, Yasin Chohan, Kishwar Mahmood and Hameed Ullah Khan also attended the event.

 Proceeds from the Iftar will go towards the cause of SUN Charity in Pakistan for empowering the powerless and needy people.

The program was started by the recitation of Holy Quran, recited by Ayyan Kamran and Eshaal Syeda; Irrage Haider recited the Naat e Rasool.

Jawaid Riaz conducted the program and he urged the attendees to support this noble cause. Adnan Siddiqui thanked the audience for their support and generosity.

IL Senator Ira Silverstein, Alderman 50th ward, Debra Silverstein, in their speech appreciated the efforts of the Sun Charity volunteers for their hard work and dedications here in USA and for their home land Pakistan

Mr. Asif Khan briefed the audience on the activities of Sun Charity around the world. He also explained the charitable and humanitarian work by Sun Charity in Pakistan, Haiti and other places. Maulana Waqas Aslam also addressed the audience and requested for the donations.

Mohammad Younus also addressed the gathering and he requests the Pakistani community living in Chicago and suburb to come forward and become helping

hands for the campaigns of Sun Charity. He appeals for Zakat, fitra and donations for the needy and underprivileged families in Pakistan.

Junaid Fahmi in his speech also urged the community for their help and support for the noble cause.

A large number of families and people from different walks of life and community leaders also attended this fundraising Iftar dinner and showed their support and generosity towards this noble cause.