MQM USA New York Chapter Organized a Dinner in the honor of MPA Mr. Muzammil Qureshi

Despite of all atrocities and conspiracies the message of founder and leader Mr.Altaf Hussain has been spreaded globally. Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

There is no power in this world that can stop the popularity and revolutionary steps of MQM. Muzammil Qureshi.


Communication & Media Cell, MQMUSA, New York: Nov 10, 2012: Mutahidda Qoumi Movement New York chapter organized dinner in the honor of MPA Muzammil Qureshi in New York. Patron In-chief MQM North America, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Joint Central Organizer MQM USA Arshad Hussain, Working committee New York Chapter, Helping Committee and Advisory committee attended this event together with many local Pakistanis. At his chance MPA Muzammil Qureshi spoke to the attendees and mentioned various points on current uncertainty in Pakistan and especially on the situation in Karachi. He said that the politically mature Pakistanis are already aware of the banned organization are involved in sectarian killings and explosions in Karachi. Inspite of talking about these banned organization the conspire elements in Pakistan are trying to threat Karachites for a worst operation once again and conspiring about another operation against MQM similar to the operation cleanup of 1992 to ambush the efforts and mission of MQM and to shatter its struggle against the spoiled system in the country. He mentioned that these connive elements know it very well that that the MQM is not limited to Karachi only but it exists in entire Pakistan including Punjab, Baluchistan, Khebar Pakhtunkwa, Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. He said that the time is not far when no one will be able to stop the revolution in this country. Qureshi said that the Pakistani people are well aware and politically mature. He mentioned that various elements of religious and political parties in Pakistan are scared of MQM’s popularity of MQM and trying unethical means to demolish MQM, but probably they have forget that they tried to play the same tactics against MQM in the history but they have experienced that the leadership of MQM never compromised on the cause of bringing prosperity and modesty in the country. MQM succeeded in all the elections with greater margin and seats and proved that that no one can finish MQM. At the end the patron in chief MQM USA Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that the philosophy of our leader and founder Altaf Hussain will be implemented throughout the country and that will for sure overcome the disappointment if Pakistani people and this will surely happen when there will be a positive change in the thinking of our people.