Chicago Chapter organized successful Cyber revolution Seminar

Chicago: April 16th 2012 | Chicago Chapter of MQM USA organized the “Cyber Revolution” seminar which was presented by the Communication and Media Cell of MQM USA. The office bearers of Chicago chapter, workers and supporters along with large number of youth attended this seminar. Central Organizer of MQM USA Junaid Fahmi, member of central organizing committee Wakil Jamali, In charge Media Cell MQM USA Imran Hussain and member of central helping committee Sohail Shams also attended the seminar.

Member of Communication and Media cell Shariq Sajjad and senior member from Detroit Chapter Fakhr ul Anwar discussed the importance of social media in today’s political and social society. They described the importance of social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube in today’s changed world. The presenters said that we have to stand up and start our national struggle to meet the objectives and goals of Pakistani society. The recent revolution in Middle East called “Arab Spring “ is the success model for our Nation.

In charge Media Cell MQM USA, Imran Hussain highlighted the vital and decisive role of social media in the modern world. He said that we do not want to bring revolution with the power of arms and ammunition in Pakistan but we want to see peaceful revolution which would be durable and sustainable for the country.  The youth of Pakistan could use the social media to educate and provide awareness to the common people of their basic rights. They could expose the cruel faces of our feudal and land lords, industrialists, religious extremists and corrupt politicians by using the modern tools of social media.

He further said that our youth has to understand that now we don’t have any excuses on how to spread the ideology and philosophy of truth after the vibrant presence of social media. Newspapers and TV channels might not give us the space and time to educate the people but social media is giving us equal and fair opportunity to spread the message of revolution.  We have the freedom of speech now in Pakistan through social media which allows us to address our domestic and international audience at the same time.

The speakers urged the youth from Chicago Chapter to start participating on social media to promote the ideology and philosophy of MQM.