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Role of the MQM USA in Post 911 Welfare Activities.

Day One

Day One & Two

Day Two

Day Three
MQM & KKC Volunteered at the Ashura Procession in Manhattan, New York Click here for Details
Karachi Club arranging Dawat-e-Haleem in Los Angeles Click here for details
  Beautiful Poster for Semi-Annual Convention 2003 Click here for Larger Image
MQM Detroit Designs    Yum-e-Tasees Poster Click here for Larger Image
Job Fair in Washington DC Click here for Details
Seminar on Immigration laws
MQM Florida's Seminar on Immigration laws Click Here for Details
MQM Chicago's Immigration Seminar  Click here for Pictures
MQM DC Immigration Seminar Click here for pictures.

Glimpses from the First Semi-Annual Convention in Saint Louis
Meet us in Saint Louis Click here for Program

I am determined to fight on till all the injustice and oppression is gone. A Poem by Imran Hussain
Shamim Siddiqi Finalizes Arrangements in St. Louis Mr. Shamim Siddiqui, member of the central organizing committee of the MQM United States has visited Saint Louis and met with the local unit committee to finalize the convention arrangements. Mr. Siddiqi showed his satisfaction over the arrangements made by the local unit to accommodate over 100 participants from throughout the United States. Click here for New Pictures
Click here for Details
MQM Gahwara-e-Adab's Colorful Award Ceremony in  Beautiful Philadelphia Click here for Pictures
KKC Arranged EID Prayer in Washington DC Click here for more pictures
Governor reviews ongoing development projects Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad has directed the authorities concerned to speedup work on the ongoing development projects and to ensure that not a single penny, allocated for the development work, was lapsed. He was presiding over a high level meeting here on Saturday to review the progress of ongoing mega projects, foreign funded projects and those approved by the President Pervez Musharraf including reactivation of Karachi Circular Railways, K-III Water Supply project, Activation of Irrigation System and others.
Ladies Mehfil-e-Milaad held in Dallas A mahfil-e-Milad was held in Dallas, arranged by the MQM Dallas unit's women wing. A number of supporters and workers attended this holy gathering. Feb-20-03
Khalid was always there when needed….He'll remain in our hearts forever.Click here for  pictures Feb-16-03
Memorial Service for Khalid Bin Waleed Shaheed  Held in Washington DCClick here for Pictures Feb-24-03
Condolence to Mr. Rasool Khan of MQM Chicago The Central Organizer and the members of the Central Organizing Committee of MQM USA have offered their condolences to Mr. Rasool Khan of Chicago unit committee who's sister Ms. Nasima Khatoon died in Pakistan. MQM USA prays to God to rest her soul in peace. Ameen. 03-01-03
MQM USA's condolence over Air Crash in Pakistan
The Central Organizer and the Central Organizing Committee of the MQM United States have expressed their deep sorrow over the loss of Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, his wife and 15 other officers in a plane crash on Thursday. The MQM USA sees their deaths as a great loss for Pakistan and prayed to the Almighty Allah to rest their souls in "Janat-ul-Firdaus" and grant strength to their family members. Ameen.
MQM USA prays for the early recovery of Mrs. Shazia Mohsin, Mr. Moid and Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed
The central organizing committee of the MQM USA has appealed the workers and supporters to pray for the early recovery of Mrs. Shazia Mohsin wife of Senior Tehriki saathi and member helping committee of South Florida unit Mr. Mohsin Abbas. MQM USA also appealed the workers and supporters to pray for the early recovery of Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed of New Jersey unit committee who is being treated at a local hospital after getting injured in an accident, and for the early recovery of Moid bhai, the unit in charge of MQM Saint Louis.
MQM USA Strongly Reacted on Khalid Bin Walid's Assassination
MQM USA's Central Organizer and the Central Organizing Committee have held an emergency meeting after learning the vital attack on Khalid Bin Walid's life. MQM USA termed the murder a target killing and an act of terrorism aimed to destabilize the party and also to destroy the peace and harmony of the city and the province. MQM USA thinks that the enemies of the MQM and Sindh have committed this crime to stop the growing popularity of Muttahida among the masses. Those elements were unhappy over the victory of Muttahida candidates in the elections as they also tried to assassinate Khalid after the Orangi Town's by-elections. MQM USA demanded the Government to ensure the arrest of the barbaric Killers and should award them exemplary punishment.
Memorial Gatherings for Kalid Bin Waleed  held in New York, Chicago and Houston.
Several units of the MQM United States have arranged memorial gatherings and offered fathias for Khalid Bin Walid Shaheed. Houston, New York and Chicago units have arranged public gatherings whereas Washington DC, Miami, Philadelphia and Detroit have arranged worker's meetings to offer fathia for the Shaheed saathi. Press releases have been issued by these units condemning the brutal slaying of Khalid bin Walid and demanding immediate arrest of the culprits. Feb 18 -03
Shuttle Disaster: Messages of condolence from President Bush, President Musharraf and  Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain Click here for Details Feb-2-03
Dr. Khalid Maqbool in an "Organizational Training Session" with Washington  DC workers. Click Here for Details Jan-25-03
MQM USA's Series of  Free Immigration Seminars Click Here for Schedules. Jan-15-03
MQM USA Congratulates Government of Sindh for publishing 2003 calendar with Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan's Portrait. Click Here for larger Image Jan-15-03
Acting Organizer Shamim Siddiqui and members of MQM USA Central Organization committee have offered their condolence to Washington DC's senior worker Salim Sheikh on his Mother's death in Pakistan, to Unit In-charge Chicago Muhammad Asif on his brother in law's death in Pakistan and also to Los Angles' joint in-charge Ikram Shah on his father's death in Pakistan. (Inna Lillahe Wainnaa Elaihe Rajiune).feb-18-03
MQM USA Sends Condolences to Pres. Bush, NASA, the Congress and the Senate.  The Acting Central Organizer of the MQM USA, Mr. Shamim Siddiqui, the members of the central organizing committee and the unit in-charges of various MQM units in the United States offered their condolences on the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its seven crew members. In their e-mail and fax messages to the President Bush, the NASA and to the elected legislators, the MQM USA praised the astronauts' bravery by saying; "Each one of them was a hero and their contribution to science, education and space exploration will never be forgotten. It is indeed a great loss not only to the United States but to the entire world"
Those Who lost their lives in SpaceA Poem By Imran Hussain
KKC Washington Metro Chapter Arranging Eid Prayer in  Dale City Click here for Details
Gahwara-e-Adab Organizes Mushaira in Miami  Click here for Pictures
MQM USA’s Telephonic Conference with the Governor of Sindh proposing projects for provincial development. Click here for Details
Shamim Siddiqui took charge as Acting-Organizer MQM USA Click Here for Details
Northern New Jersey Unit Announced Click Here for Details
MQM Washington DC has launched a "Bottle-Bank" campaign.Click here for Details
MQM Workers in Los Angeles Meeting with  Dr. Farooq Sattar.Click Here for Pictures
Nation's dream A Poem by Imran Hussain
Dr. Farooq Sattar Presided an Evening with Gulnar Afreen in New Jersey  Click for Pictures  Click for Urdu Coverage
Yom-e-Azm in New York with Dr. Farooq Sattar. Click Here for the pictures       Click for Urdu Coverage
MQM USA condemns the killings of MQM workers. FIR against MMAs Top leadership demanded. Click Here for Details
Truth be spread like a wild fire A Poem by Imran Hussain
Muhammad Younus Inaugurates KKC Free Clinic in Chicago. Click Here For Details
ALAMGIR Tops the Pop all Night. MQM Washington Celebrates Governorship Click for Details and Pictures
Happy New year 2003 Poster by Detroit Unit Click for larger Image
Read the winning Essays
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First Prize, A trip to London won by Mr. Shabbar Abbas of NJ, USA
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Second Prize
, Computer won by Mr. S. M Tarique of Karachi, Pakistan
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Third Prize, Stereo Recorder won by Mr. Masood Alam of Toronto, Canada
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The MQM Rabita Committee and the the MQM USA Central Organizing Committee have congratulated Ibad-ur-Rehman , Central Organizer USA on his wedding which was held in Saudi Arabia. Details and Pictures.
Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Husssain made a phone call to the Central Organizer USA Ibad Ur Rehman and his wife Bushra Rehman in Saudi Arabia at the time of their wedding ceremony and blessed them with his prayers. While speaking with the bride he hoped that she would become a helping hand in the struggle for national rights. The bride and the groom assured Quaid-e-Tehrik that they'll use their best efforts to further his ideology.
MQM USA's central Organizer Ibad U. Rehman and the members of the central Organizing Committee called International Secretariat London and congratulates Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain and other workers on the appointment of Dr. Ishratul Ibad as the 30th Governor of Province of Sindh.
MQM USA officials called Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Nine Zero Karachi, and all units in America and Canada to congratulate them on Dr. Ishratul Ibad's appointment as the 30th Governor of Sindh.
Mr. Farhat Khan has been appointed as Acting Central Organizer for MQM USA. Details
Idea Contest 2003  Details 
MQM withdraws in Protest from the No-Go-Areas Click for Details

Ramadan 2002

KKC Washington Metro Chapter Arranges Eid Prayers in Alexandria and Dale City Details
MQM Washington Unit arranges Namaz-e-Eid. Details
MQM Philadelphia's Unit Committee's Iftar Dinner.  Pictures
MQM Washington DC's unit Iftar Dinner.  Click for Pictures
MQM New York Unit organized Iftar Dinner Pictures
MQM Detroit Unit organized Iftar Dinner  Pictures & News
MQM Houston Unit Iftar Dinner. click for Pictures.
KKC Chicago Unit Arranges Iftar Dinner Click for Details
KKC Flodrida Unit Arranges Iftar Dinner Click for Details
MQM Dallas Unit Arranges Iftar Dinner Click for Details
KKC Washington DC Metro Chapter Arranges Iftar Dinner Details.
KKC Ditroit Arranges Iftar Dinner With Dr.Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. Details
KKC Chicago Arranges Iftar Dinner With Dr.Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. Details
KKC Dallas Unit Arranges Iftar Dinner Details
KKC Philadelphia Arranges "Azaan on Radio"  Details.
KKC Welfare activities in USA

Statement of Clarification from Dr.ImranFarooq. Details
MQMUSA central  Organization committee have offered their condolence to Dr. Ishratul Ibad. Detalis
Central Organizer on the organizational trip to Houston, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma and Detroit... Details
MQM USA's meeting chaired by Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui (9th of Nov 2002)
Welcome Aboard: Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid M. Siddiqui has announced the following  4 new additional members for Central Organization committee USA.
1: Adnan Naqvi
2: Farhat Khan
3: Sabhi-ul-Islam
4: Imran Hussain
MQM USA Unanimously Approve Resolution Against Quaid’s Return to Pakistan
Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid M. Siddiqui And Central Organizer Ibad U. Rehman Conducting the Worker's meeting in New York. October 27, 2002
Election Rally in DC
Election Cell Wash. DC Workers at the cell.... more
Election Cell Miami
Election cell Chicago
MQM United States' Appeal to President George W. Bush   Details

Patang Rally in NewYork
Yom-e-Azm-o-Amal in DC
Yom-e-Azm-o-Amal in Chicago
Yom-e-Azm-o-Amal in Detroit


Election Cells Setup in Thirteen U.S Cities
Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid M. Siddiqui Inaugurates Election Cell in Chicago.
MQM Washington DC Placed 20 feet high kite.....Details
Quaid-e-Tehrik Addressed 17 Stations in North America

Glimpses of Quaid's Birthday in Chicago Jointly Hosted By:Muttahida Sports & Recreation Club (MSRC) &MQM Chicago Unit Details

Washington Metro Unit marks anniversary of tragedy 9/11
MQM USA Announces Its Year 2003 Convention To Be Held In Los Angeles, California. Next Year's Convention Will Mark As The Silver Jubilee Event. MQM Began Its Student Movement In 1978 In Karachi, Pakistan Under The Dynamic Leadership Of Quaid-E-Tehreek Altaf Hussian. Details
Welcome to Miami!


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Book Launching by MQM Gahwara-e-Adab The Revolutionary Manzar Bhopali
17th September Day to Remember by poem by Imran Hussain
MQM USA Launches Election Fund Drive.
Washington: MQM USA has launched today a nationwide drive to raise funds to support Haq Parast candidates in Pakistan.
 MQM United States Year 2002 In Review Please Click Here for Reports and Pictures of Events in Year 2002.