MQM New York Unit pioneers yet another series of events by holding the 1st. Convention of Youth Wing, MQM USA on Sunday January the 14th. 2007 in a local hotel in Long Island, New York. The compact and composed program although lasted only for a few hours but yielded a wealth of thoughts for both, the youths and the elderly. While the 1st. Youth Convention of MQM USA was attended by delegates of youths from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Houston, it was also attended by workers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Houston, as well as the officials of MQM USA including the Nigran e Aala of MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, and Central Organizer, MQM USA, Ajaz Siddiqui, members Central Organizing Committee MQM USA Khalida Shuja, Mohammed Arshad Hussain and Mehfooz Hyderi  Those who attended the 1st. Youth Convention as observers included imminent scholars, laureates, poets, critics, writers and local politicians including Prof Younus Sharar, Mr. Liaquat Ali and Democrat Ali Mirza.  

The convention comprised of two sessions. The first session which mainly included the speeches by office bearers of Youth Wing, MQM USA, New York Unit Incharge and the guest speakers Mr. Liaquat Ali and Prof Sharar, ended into lunch. The second session included an interactive question and answers session, awards ceremony, deliberations by Central Organizer, and the culminating remarks by Nigran e Aala, MQM North America. 

By and large the participants, the youths, MQM USA officials and guest speakers, discussed various issues pertaining to youths especially in this part of the world where confusion is rampant among the youth due to clash of cultures and peer pressures. The remedy was prescribed by the guest speakers and office bearers of MQM USA was to have “ENLIGHTENED VISION” in every walk of life. The young and the older generation, both, were advised to work together, abolish the myth of generation gap and go hand in hand for the preservation of moral values and building up of strong characters. Youths were also apprised of the fact that they are lucky that they have the shelter and shield of MQM and they have a living legend to idolize for building their character. In the end a resolution was presented and seconded by all members of youth wing, which said that they will live their life with enlightened vision, they will follow the right path, and they will follow the footsteps of Quaid e Tehreek toward Haq-parasti.