The Worker Of MQM Has The Obligation Of Duties Only; The Worker Has No Claim Of Rights On The Party.

This Is The Basic Responsibility Of MQM's Worker That The Work Of MQM Should Project Larger Than The Personality Of The Worker: Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Nigraan e Aala, MQM North America.

Toronto, June 08, 2008: Nigraan e Aala MQM North America, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has said that the true worker of MQM always refrains from mixing paltry personal matters with the MQM's issues. He also said that the workers of MQM have the obligation of only duties to MQM; the workers have no claim of rights on the party. He was delivering these thoughts during his closing remarks over the telephone in the final session of 2nd Grand Assembly of MQM North America this evening. He further added that this is the basic responsibility of a worker of MQM that the work of MQM should always project larger than the personality of the worker. One who is not a good person cannot be the true worker of MQM. He said that the basic quality of a worker of MQM is that he appreciates the responsibility, not his own self. Similarly, one who thinks that the accountability is only for others and thinks himself beyond the process can never be a good worker of MQM. He said that the accountability starts from one's own inner self. He said that the basic definition of "Worker" is "the one who works". This is the beauty of this definition that anybody who wants to be appreciated as worker, works, and one who works can never be ignored, and if someone complains of being ignored, must analyze his own self first before making these of unrealistic statements. He concluded that the worker of MQM never has the lust of offices and responsibilities. If, on one hand, he is appointed to an office by the party, he tries his best to discharge his duties as per the requirements of that office; however, if the true worker is moved from the office or the responsibility, he does not get frustrated, rather, he takes the sigh of relief and becomes happy for being released from the burden of that responsibility.