MQM North America announces its First Grand Assembly
June 30th 2006 To July 2nd 2006



MQM North America announces its First Grand Assembly going to be held in New York from June 30th 2006 to July 2nd 2006. This grand assembly which will be a combined congregation of MQM Canada and MQM USA will substitute the annual convention of MQM USA and will be held every three years which will be attended by workers and supporters of MQM from Canada and USA and special guests from all over the world. The speciality of the grand assembly which is going to be held this year in Antunn Hall, Long Island, New York, is the telephonic address of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain on the evening of Saturday July 1st 2006 which will be open for the public too. MQM USA and Canada has already started making necessary arrangements to hold this first Grand Assembly and the Central Organizers of both sides are monitoring these arrangements.

For further details the host unit could be contacted at 347-572-5447 or 347-229-7748.