First Grand Assembly Concluded in New York (July-01-2006)

A milestone was put and a history was engraved on the slates when MQM North America held its 1st Grand Assembly last week in New York in a local hotel. This grand assembly which was a three day event, from Friday June 30th to Sunday July 2nd, 2006, was a combined shape of annual conventions of MQM USA and MQM Canada which are held separately and annually on regular basis. While it was attended by delegates from all over USA and Canada it was also attended by Deputy Convener MQM and Parliamentary leader of MQM in National Assembly of Pakistan Dr. Farooque Sattar and Member, Rabita Committee MQM, Mr. Mohammad Anwer.

The assembly was formally inaugurated on Friday night by Dr. Farooque Sattar while Mr. Muhammad Anwer, Central Organizers MQM USA and Canada Ajaz Siddiqui and Shakil Akhter and In-charge host unit, MQM New York Unit Anwar Ahmed welcomed the distinguished delegates of MQM and other guests.

After dinner the session was opened by Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Nigran e Aala, MQM North America who welcomed the guests from London and Pakistan and invited Dr. Farooque Sattar to take over the session for the Tarbiyati Nishist (Training Session). Dr. Farooque Sattar delivered his mesmerizing deliberations for an uninterrupted one and a half hour in which he emphasized, insisted, and elaborated on the necessity of the discipline in the organization.

Saturday morning session was purely an organizational session which was attended by only the delegates of MQM from USA and Canada. This session was formally opened by Dr. Farooque Sattar and the units and subsidiaries of MQM USA and Canada submitted their reports for 2005-2006.

Saturday evening session which was Public Session the specialty of which was Mr. Mohammad Anwer’s and Dr. Farooque Sattar’s state-of-the-affairs address to the public in which both the distinguished guests discussed the current Pakistan and international geo-political situation and insisted on Pakistani community in North America for at least moral support to those who are fighting back home for rights and representation of 98% oppressed stratum of Pakistani population. The distinguished speakers congratulated Haq parast community which is now not limited to Urdu speaking community, for the political propagation of MQM in all four provinces of Pakistan. This evening session culminated at musical night after the dinner in which members of Youth wing of MQM USA, famous Ghazals singer Asif Ali and famous MQM songs singer Aamir performed and amused the audience for more than 4 hours.

The Sunday morning session (farewell session) was discussion and question and answers session and was mostly attended by workers of MQM USA and Canada. In this session member Rabita Committee Mr. Mohammad Anwer answered the questions of workers and elaborated on the cause of MQM and the philosophy of Quaid e Tehreek. Mr. Mohammad Anwer also congratulated the organizers and workers of MQM North America for holding such an auspicious event and said that this assembly rose to its name and was grand not only in its name but also in contents. Mr. Mohammad Anwer formally closed the event on Sunday afternoon.