MQM USA Semi-Annual Convention 2003

Meet us in Saint Louis. March 22, & 23

Quaid-e-Tehrikís Address expected.

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MQM USA enters into a new era of organizational development when the Central Organizing Committee of the MQM United States has announced that starting this year; the MQM USA will hold semi-annual conventions besides the annual conventions every year. The first semi-annual convention of the MQM USA will be held in Saint Louis, Missouri on March 22 and 23, 2003.


This decision was taken by the central organizing committee in view of the on going expansion in the organizational work in USA. It has also announced that the MQM USA has made a request to Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain bhai for addressing the occasion. It is worth mentioning that this semi-annual convention is being held the same week when the MQM will be marking its 19th foundation day.


Instructions for the party workers:


  1. All members of the central organizing committees, unit in-charges, and heads of all the social, cultural, professional and charitable wings of the party MUST attend the convention.
  2. All other members and workers are also welcome to attend but it is not mandatory for them.
  3. All participants must register with any of the central organizing committee members or by sending an e-mail to on or before March 16, 2003.
  4. All participants must notify in writing their arrival time in Saint Louis, mode of traveling and the name of the station or airport to the members of the organizing committee or by sending an e-mail to the above address on or before March 20, 2003.
  5. Accommodation will be provided by the host unit. However additional members of the committee or accompanying family members may have to arrange their own place to stay.





Saturday March 22, 2003.


09:30 AM†††††††††††††† Arrival at the hall and Breakfast

10:15 AM†††††††††††††† Commencement (Deputy Convener MQM, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui)

10:45 AM†††††††††††††† Recitation of Quran-e-Pak

10:50 AM†††††††††††††† Welcoming remarks by the host unit in-charge Moid Bhai

11:00 AM†††††††††††††† Introduction of participating units and its members

11:30 AM†††††††††††††† A training lecture on Foreign Affairs by Mr. Mohammad Younus

(Mr. Younus is the senior vice-Coordinator of MQM International Relations Wing, ex- chief organizer of MQM USA & Canada and has represented MQM in the United Nations)

11:50 AM†††††††††††††† An informatory lecture on carrier building in travel industry by Mr. Khalid Saghir

(Mr. Khalid is the CEO of one of the largest Travel consolidation agencies in USA having branches all over the United States & Canada)

12:10 PM†††††††††††††† An informatory lecture on Mortgages, Loans and Real state by Mr. Malik Karim

(Mr. Karim is the president and CEO of one of the largest mortgage companies in the mid-west region of the United States)

12:30 PM†††††††††††††† An informatory lecture on Human Rights by Mr. Tariq Siddiuqi

(Mr. Tariq Siddiqui is associated with the Amnesty International in Chicago and is also the joint in charge of MQM Chicago unit)

12:50 PM†††††††††††††† An informatory lecture on recent changes in the U.S immigration laws, by Ibad U. Rehman

Mr. Rehman is the Central organizer of MQM USA, a law graduate from Howard and currently associated with a leading immigration law firm in Washington DC.

01:10 PM†††††††††††††† MRI Technology in USA and prospects of professional career building. A lecture by Mr. Inam Haider.

(Mr. Inam Haider is a senior MRI specialist owning several labs in Saint Louis Metropolitan area).

01:30 PM†††††††††††††† Lunch Break

03:00 PM†††††††††††††† Commencement of second session

03:05 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Gahwara-e-Adab (Mr. Asad Hussain)

03:15 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee (Mr. Tayyab Hussain)

03:25 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the MQF and Central Office Management (Mr. Shamim Siddiqui)

03:35 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Sports & Recreation wing (Mr. Adnan Naqvi)

03:45 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Computer Wing/Web Site (Mr. Fawad U. Rehman)

03:55 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Professional Development Wing (Mr. Imran Hussain)

04:05 PM†††††††††††††† Report from the Business Development Wing (Mr. Ajaz Siddiqui)

04:15 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in the Boston, CT areas. Also a brief report on Entertainment Shows (Mr. Waseem Khan)

04:25 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in the Southeastern USA (Mr. Farhat Khan)

04:35 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in the Midwest USA and NY (Mr. Shamim Siddiqui)

04:45 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in the Washington Metro, PA and NJ (Mr. Sabih ul Islam)

04:55 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in Texas (Mr. Irshad Kamali & Mr. Syed Najmi)

05:05 PM†††††††††††††† Overall Organizational activities in California and Annual Convention (Mr. Adnan Naqvi)

05:15 PM†††††††††††††† Tea Break (A pictorial presentation by the Computer Wing will be shown during break)

06:00 PM†††††††††††††† Open Forum, Plan of action for next six months, feedback from units.

08:30 PM†††††††††††††† Closing Remarks by Central Organizer

08:45 PM†††††††††††††† Adjournment

09:00 PM†††††††††††††† Dinner

10:30 PM†††††††††††††† Workers Nashist with MQMís Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and other officials of the MQM United States. This will be an informal and open meeting. Attendance is at will and duration is flexible.


Sunday March 23, 2003


10:00 AM†††††††††††††† Breakfast

11:00 AM†††††††††††††† Saint Louis City Tour (Arranged by the host unit)

(Please note that in case Pakistan reaches the Cricket World Cup final, MQMís computer wing will arrange a projector to show final Overs on a huge screen. The city tour will then be replaced with the live coverage of the world cup finals.)

01:30 PM†††††††††††††† Lunch

04:30 PM†††††††††††††† Assembly at the hall


05:00 PM†††††††††††††† Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussainís public address (subject to confirmation)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (Topic: What have we gained and what have we lostÖ 23rd March to 18th March)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† *18th March 1984 is the foundation day of MQM

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† *23rd March 1940 is Pakistan Resolution day


08:00 PM†††††††††††††† Dinner

09:00 PM†††††††††††††† Music & Entertainment ďJashn-e-Baharan with Tehsin JavedĒ, arranged by the host unit.