Minute by Minute Report

2:00 pm Closing Remarks by Nigraan-e-Aala  MQM North America  Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.
12:35 pm Award ceremony
11: 55 am  Ghawar-e-Adab Future Role by Junnaid Fhami
11:45 am Future Role of Youth in USA Politics by Nadeem Siddiqui 
11:40 am Speech by Anjum Airf Baji (Women's Role in MQM)
11:35 am Speech by Khalda Shuja Baji Member Central organization committee MQMUSA.  (Women's Role in MQM)
11:15 am  Welcome remark from Member nations Assembly  Shaufta Sadiq
11:00 am Day 3 session started with telawat.
12:30 am End of Day 2
5:30 pm Public Event started with telawat.
3:30 pm National Solidarity Car Rally
2:00 pm Lunch break.
11:05 am Seminar on "Provincial Autonomy" by Farooq Sattar Bhai.
10:55 am Report from  FOREIGN AFFAIRS from Muhammad Younus.
10:15 am: Reports from MQM USA Chapters.
10:00 am: Day 2 session 1 started with Telawat.
11:30 pm  End of First Day.
10:00 pm Dinner served.
8:55 pm Farooq Sattar bhai start speaking to the convention
8:30 pm Mayor karachi Mustufa Kamal start addressing to the convention.
8:25 pm Nigraan-e-Aala  MQM North America  Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. welcomed Farooq bhai and Mustufa bhai.
8:15 pm Farooq Sattar bhai and Mustufa Kamal Bhai arrived at convention hall
7:30 pm Session 2 resumed after Tea and Namaz break
6:00 pm Tea break until 7:30 pm
5:45 pm Annual report by Central Organizer MQMUSA Ajaz Siddiqui
5:20 pm Unit reports by Central organizing committee members
5:10 pm Electronic media report by Fawad Rehman and Noman.
5:05 pm Karachi Club report by Sammin Farooqi
5:00 pm Sun Charity Report by Shamim Siddiqui
4:55 pm Youth Wing Report by Nadeem Siddiqui
4:50 pm Political Activity report by Kamal Zafar.
4:45 pm Ghawara-e-Adab Report By Junaid fahmi  
4:40 pm MQMUSA media cell report by MQMUSA Media Cell incharge Anwar Ahmed
4:35 pm MQF report by Arshad Hussain.
4:30 pm Welcome remarks by Central Organizer MQM USA Ajaz Siddiqui
4:20 pm Opening remarks by Washington Dc unit in-charge Tauseef Khan
4:18 pm Opening remarks by Nigraan-e-Aala  MQM North America  Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.
4:12 pm Naat-e-Rasool by Birjis Bhai
4:07 pm. Telawat by Syed Hafeez
4:05 pm. Welcome Remarks by Shamim Siddiqui
4:00 pm. Event kicks off