MQM USA Calls an Early Semi-Annual Convention
All Units Are Instructed to Reach Washington DC by December 2, 2005
Washington DC Unit Has Been Given Only 5 Days to Organize Convention
Theme of the Convention is “Disaster….Relief…..Rehabilitation”.

After a hurriedly called centralize and nationwide telephonic meeting by MQM USA’s central organizer Ajaz Siddiqi, it has been decided and announced that the semi-annual convention that was scheduled to be held in Atlanta in February 2006 has now been shifted to Washington DC and is now scheduled to be held on December 2 and 3, 2005.

Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqi says that this decision is being taken due to a dire need of proper planning and consideration as the earthquake victims are now facing extreme weather conditions and while MQM USA has already passed through the emergency relief phase and now entering into its rehabilitation phase, we must get together now instead of waiting for another couple of months. He also added that switching the venue from Atlanta to Washington DC is due to logistic convenience. He showed his full confidence in Washington DC unit’s capability for handling and organizing such a huge task on such a short notice of 5 days only.