London, 24th July2005...
The MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain while addressing the MQM USA Annual Convention in Chicago highlighted the deliberate misinterpretations of Islamic edict by extremist groups to serve their purposes.  The very first verse of holy Quran tells us that God Almighty is the sustainer of entire universe and merciful to all mankind regardless of their personal beliefs.  The extremists are luring the young to kill in the name of jihad so they will be considered martyrs and land in heaven. The hypocrite extremist leaders persuade the young to sacrifice their lives while they enjoy their lives. On the occasions of US attack on Iraq religious leaders: Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Maulana Fazlur Rahman and late Ahmed Noorani were advocating jihad, the MQM provided them airfares to go to Iraq and be a part of human shield in Baghdad. They refused.

Mr Hussain said that we have to be watchful of such persons who are distorting the image of Islam in the interest of their own agenda.  Muslims in the US were put in a difficult situation after 9/11. A similar situation has developed in England after 7/7 but the extremist leaders are enjoying their peaceful lives in Pakistan.

Since 9/11, the geo-political situation of Pakistan has altered significantly and London blasts have made it even more precarious.  General Pervez Musharraf and P.M. Shaukat Aziz are re- assuring the public that no terrorist activity is going on in the country but they cannot physically check the hidden training camps themselves.  Root cause of the problem in the country lies in the prevailing feudal system.  Under this system the corrupt army generals provide protection to rich feudal and religious clerics. The rich also control the media so disinformation is fed to the people at large. Such misguided polices are conducive to military rule and extremism.  He emphasized that the MQM is the only party that emerged from middle class, who select its candidates on merit alone. The MQM is opposed to the prevailing feudal system that condone inhuman treatment of poor farmers on their fiefdoms.  For true democracy to flourish in the country it is essential the middle class order is supported and strengthened.  In this age of knowledge and information technology one has to convey facts to the people through education. An out of proportion expenditure on armament is a recipe for disaster.

Tons of nuclear weapons could not save Soviet Union from disintegration. For progress and prosperity we have to educate masses and concentrate on learning latest technology. Finally he congratulated the US unit for organising the convention.