Concurrent Interstate Analogous Poetry Recitation Event Over the Telephone Organized by
Gahwarah-e-Adab USA.

Participation of Gahwarah-e-Adab New York, Houston, and Dallas

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; New York; May 30, 2009:  Gahwarah-e-Adab USA organized an interstate analogous poetry recitation event over the telephone. Gahwarah-e-Adab New York, Houston, and Dallas participated in this concurrent event, while Gahwarah-e-Adab Chicago, despite all its preparations, had to pull out of the event due to the sad demise of the mother of one of the workers of MQM Chicago. The analogous poetry recitation was based on famous poet Wasim Barelvi’s line, “Yeh Dunyaa Main Nay Thukraa-e Bahot Hay,” meaning “The World Has Been Extensively Rejected By Me.” Prof. Dr. Farooq presided over the event, while the anchor of the event was Mr. Musheer Talib, in charge of Gahwarah-e-Adab New York. This four-hour long event was full of intellectual advancements towards the realities of life, and the spectators present at all stations enjoyed every moment of the event with all literary enthusiasm. The poets who participated in this event were the following:  Mian Abdul Majeed, Ajaz Bhatti, Dr. Saeed, Qanea Ada, Musheer Talib, Masroor Javed, Aman Khan Dil, Altaf Tirmizi, Ferhat Nadeem Humayun, Mujid Nazimabadi, N. M. Danish,  Wasif Hussain Wasif, Sardar Ahmed Soz, Prof. Naeem Raza, and Rafiuddin Raz from New York; Ayaz Mufti, Farah Iqbal, Hammad Hasan, Khalid Khwaja, Hasan Salman, Tariq Hashmi, and Malik Sayyedi from Houston; and Shah Alam Siddiqui, Javed Ansari, Masood Qazi, Saeed Quraishy, Rajiv Chakarwerti, Dr. Aamir Sulaiman, and the in-charge of Gahrah-e-Adab Dallas Nadir Durrani from Dallas.