Gahwarah-e-Adab Richmond, Organized The First Mushairah In The History Of Richmond, VA

On July 8th, 2007 at Smoketree Community Center, Richmond, VA.
Richmond: As part of the Pakistani & Indian Yekjehti Mushairah (Unity poetic), Gahwarah-e-Adab Richmond, organized a beautiful, historic and the first Mushairah event in the history of Richmond, VA at Smoketree Community Center in Richmond on the evening of July 8th, 2007. The purpose of this program was to promote Urdu and its literature. The world renowned Urdu poets from India Prof. Waseem Barielvi, Prof. Mairaj Faizabadi, from Pakistan Prof. Younus Sharrar, from New York Mr. Mojid Nazimabadi, Prof. Qaiser Iqbal and Ms. Tasneem Wafa, intellectuals, business communities, a large gathering of the public that included women, youths and elders from Pakistani and Indian community attended the Mushairah.

Ms. Naveen Shaikh welcomed the audiences and described the purpose of the program. All the audiences were enthralled with the exciting recitations from poets. Poetry lovers were in a fine mood to enjoy the evening and every line that the poets recited received wide applauds. Poets impressed the gathering with their humor, which went well with the mood of the gathering. The poets took up different aspects of life mirroring the prevailing social, political and cultural situation. The human emotions were also depicted. Each poet drew high public applauds from those who were present at the Mushairah. The atmosphere in the hall was friendly, informal and cordial.

At the end of the program Kamran Haider thanked to all the Poets, community leaders, dignitaries, supporters and sponsors including; Saima Haider, Naveen and Dr. Tahir Shaikh, Dr. Shahabuddin Ahmed, Dr. Suhail Haider, Samina and Asif Ahmed, Zarreen Akbar, Mubashir Kazmi, Afsheen Kodvawala, Farooq Anwar, Najam Naqvi, Nasreen Akbar, Mona and Dr. Salman Siddiqui.

MQM USA Caretaker Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Central Organizer Mr. Ejaz Siddiqui and the central organizing committee have commended and admired all those who had participated in the organizing of this historic Mushairah gathering.