Ghawara-e-Adab MQM-Houston Unit hosted the 3rd International Mushaira at Stafford Conventional Center on Friday July 13, 2007. The Mushaira was attended by over 550 cheerful audiences and lasted till 2.00 AM.

The mushaira was started at 9.00 PM with the recitation of holy Quran followed by a beautiful recitation of Na’at by local poet Ejaz Mufti Bhai. The event program was started with poetry recitation by local poets, Dr. Khalid Zadi, Dr. Ashuha Asrar, Professor Qari Athar Siddiqui, Adeel Ashraf, Pervaiz Jaffri and sister Ishrat Afreene.

The guest poet from Pakistan Mr. Rafi Uddin Raz presented his most recent poetry depicting current situation of Karachi. The core of the evening was poetry recited by poet Miraj Rafiuddin. Mr. Wasim Brelhvi who was the chief guest poet and the president of the Mushier, red his current poetry which was well appreciated by large audience. Mr. Wasim, also launched his new book which was inaugurated by City Councilmember M. J. Khan.

Honorable City Councilmember M. J. Khan also presented the Honory Citizenship of City of Houston to Mr. Wasim on behalf of Mayor of City of Houston, Hon Bill White.