MQM Washington DC has launched a "Bottle-Bank" campaign.

In charge of the MQM Washington DC Metro unit Mr. Tariq Bin Hameed and Nigran-e-Alaa Washington Uncle Riaz Siddiqui have announced to launch a bottle-bank scheme to follow Quaid-e-Tehrik's foot step. It is worth mentioning here that just a couple of months ago, Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussian has helped the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation with his own money which he had saved in last few years by putting the coins in a bottle. The MQM Washington DC has asked each and every worker to put a jar or a bottle at their residence or work place and start putting some money in it on regular basis. According to Uncle Riaz Siddiqui, these bottles and jars would be opened up on the next Eid day and all the money saved would be sent to KKF Pakistan for the help of poor and needy. In-charge KKC Mr. Tayyab Hussain has applauded the effort and congratulated the unit for launching this campaign.





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