“The 26 Years of Struggle and Accomplishments”

MQM Perceives Its Destination through Struggle and Seeks Through Accomplishments:

MQM USA Congratulates The Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain and the Workers of MQM


Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Los Angeles; March 18, 2010: The Central Organizer Kamal Zafar and the members of the Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, have congratulated, on behalf of the workers and supporters of MQM USA, the leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain and the workers of MQM around the globe in a statement issued today on the auspicious day today which marks the 26th Foundation Day of the inception of MQM. The office bearers of MQM USA said in their statement that the vision of a young man 26 years ago has changed the political interface of the society in the country now. They said that MQM is the only political party and movement that perceive its destination through struggle and not through political legacy system and allegiance. They also said that MQM is also the only political party which seeks the milestones through accomplishments and the accomplishments are none other than raising voice against and elimination of orthodox, unequal, oppressive, and excessive feudal system. The office-bearers of MQM USA also said in their statement that each year MQM is able to bring more and more political awareness and awareness about their due rights in the common man of the nation. They reiterated that each and every worker of MQM is determined to better the life of a common man under the guidance of its leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, a task which was started 26 years ago.