On the appeal of the Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain Bhai, Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqui; Joint Central organizer, Farhat Khan; and member’s Central Organizing committee, MQM (U.S.A) Atlanta unit organized Youm-e-Tashakur on Sunday, April 22nd 2007. The event was held in Suwanee, Georgia. The participants including, scholars, teachers, attorneys, journalists and people from different walks of life arrived carrying posters and MQM flags to show the solidarity with Haqparast people of Sindh, who rejected Kalashankov and Danda Berdar Sheria in Karachi last Sunday.

On this occasion unit In-charge, Nadeem Siddiqui Joint In-charge, Saqib Mohiuddin In-charge Gehwara-e-Adab, Aslam Parvz, and In-charge MQF Mohd. Haseeb Khan briefed the participants the guiding principles of MQM leadership – i.e. “it is about time that moderate and democratic minded liberal forces should not only act but also inform the world at large about the thoughts of the people of Pakistan and the true sprit of Islamic teachings.” They further reiterated that we are thankful to God, who helped MQM to organize this huge and unprecedented rally in the history of the sub-continent, and who chose people of Karachi to show the true picture of Islam to the whole world. In-charge MQF (U.S.A), Huda Khan, who came especially from New Jersey to attend the event, congratulated the Atlanta unit on organizing the event successfully.

At the end participants offered special prayer for Pakistan and for long life of Altaf Hussain Bhai.