MQM Atlanta Observes Yaum e Tashakkur (The Day Of Thanks)…

This was a sample congregation of the cross-section of the Pakistani community which included doctors, engineers, attorneys, businessmen, intellectuals, media representatives,  as well as Nigraan e Aala MQM North America, Member, Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, members Youth Wing MQM Atlanta Unit, office bearers, and workers of MQM Atlanta organized by Muttahida Quami Movement USA Atlanta Unit  in which “Yaum e Tashakkur” (The Day Of Thanks) was observed for the unprecedented victory of MQM in the last General Elections in Pakistan.

The most important feature of the event was the presence of Georgia State Senator Mr. Curt Thompson who attended the event as the chief guest.  Mr. Curt Thompson, in his speech, appreciated the role of MQM in Pakistani politics, and its role as a socio-political movement and its impact on the lives of Pakistanis in Pakistan and abroad.

Other important features of the event included presentation of “Recognition Certificates” and plaques to the dignitaries from MQM USA and MQM Atlanta for their support to MQM and its cause, and a beautifully created video presentation from Youth Wing MQM Atlanta which covered philosophy, history, struggle, and achievements of MQM from its inception till date.

Many people spoke at the occasion including the office-bearers of MQM Atlanta Unit, Gahwarah e Adab MQM Atlanta, and member Central Organizing Committee, but the key note deliverance came from Nigraan e Aala MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui who apprised the congregation of the current Pakistani political scene and the reasons behind the dilemma of the Pakistani politics. He said that democracy and feudal system can never go hand in hand and the feudal lords will never allow the rights of common people as this is against the feudal process which makes them feudal lords. He added that the basic agenda of MQM is, and had been, to rescue the 98% common men of Pakistan from the clutches of feudal lords, capitalists, industrialists, bureaucrats, and establishment. He said that the justice can prevail in the society only and only when people have equal rights and without justice the societies become “wood communities” where people live in jungle and satisfy only their own needs.