MQM USA Connecticut Chapter Holds Protest Rally Against Swat Incident In Front Of Legislative Office Building, Hartford, Connecticut

Media Cell, MQM USA; Connecticut; April 11, 2009: MQM Connecticut Chapter held a protest rally against the “Swat Incident” in which a teenage girl was flogged publicly by Talibans. Despite the intense rain and cold weather, over thirty-five dedicated supporters and workers including women showed up and participated in the rally in front of Legislative Office Building in Hartford CT. This protest rally was also in continuation of the protest rallies staged by MQM worldwide last week to protest against the same. The participants of this peaceful rally were holding placards inscribed with slogans against Talibans, their terrorist activities, Talibanization of northern parts of Pakistan, and urban areas of Sindh. There were also slogans which said that Talibans regimen must be brought to an end instantly in Pakistan and there activities must be arrested worldwide. The speakers at the rally said that the picture of religion portrayed by Talibans is a distorted one and this is the high time that a consolidated effort be made to wipe out the terrorists and terrorism from the planet of earth to make this planet a better place to live for the human being. The whole event was registered with the legislative office staff and a “Dossier” prepared by the MQWM USA Investigation Cell over the activities of Talibans and the Talibanization of Pakistan was handed over to the legislative staff.
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