Observers Of European Union Meet MQM Coordination Committee At Nine Zero, MQMs Headquarters.

Last General Elections, Political Situation Of The Country Especially Of Sindh, And Other Issues Discussed And The Delegation Apprised The Coordination Committee Of Their Final Report About The Elections.

Inappropriate Words About MQM In The Report Were Pointed Out To The Delegation And Were Declared Absurd, Inaccurate, and Baseless: Dr. Farooque Sattar.

European Unions Report Has Been Misrepresented By Some Newspapers. No Allegations Were Made Against MQM In Our Report. The Reports Published To This Reference In The Newspapers Are Wrong: Chief Observer, Michael Gahler


Karachi, April 17, 2008: A two-member delegation of Observers from European Union who observed the 18th. February Elections in Pakistan met The Deputy Convener and members of The MQM Coordination Committee and members of MQMs Diplomatic Committee today at Nine Zero, the headquarters of MQM. This meeting lasted for more than two hours. The delegation consisted of the Chief Observer of European Election Observation Mission Mr. Michael Gahler and the Deputy Observer of the mission Ms. Hannah Roberts. During this meeting member MQM Coordination Committee, Shoaib Bokhari Advocate, MQMs members Nation Assembly Haider Abbas Rizvi, Ms. Khushbakht Shujaat, Ms. Fauzia Ajaz, MQMs leader of the Parliament in Sindh Assembly Syed Sardar Ahmed, Deputy Leader Faisal Sabzwari, members Sindh Assembly Askari Taqwi, Raza Haroon, Nadia Gabol, and Naib Nazimah (Dy. Mayor) of City of Karachi Ms. Nasreen Jaleel were also present. The delegation of the European Union discussed and mutually exchanged their views on various issues with the leaders of Muttahida Quami Movement including last general elections of Pakistan, political situation of the country and Sindh, and many others. The delegation also apprised the leaders of MQM of their final report about last general elections of Pakistan. In a press briefing after the meeting, Dr. Farooque Sattar said that when they brought to the attention of the delegation the inappropriate words used about MQM in European Unions report published in some newspapers and have declared these absurd, inaccurate and baseless., upon which The Chief Observer Michael Gahler said that they have neither used any inappropriate words nor they have put any sort of allegations on MQM and whatever has been published in some newspapers with reference to this is nothing but misrepresentation on the part of those newspapers. He said that the European Observers have reassured them that they will issue their own deliberations on this issue and would delineate themselves from this misrepresentation. Dr. Sattar said that they have told the observers that MQM has firm belief in election reforms and deems these reforms to be indispensable for democratic proliferation and continuation of national reconciliation, and MQM is striving to its best for the materialization of this objective and this is one of the agenda in the MQMs manifesto. He insisted that this is the most appropriate time for the election reforms and is indispensable in the current political situation. He further said that all the issues pertaining to elections, be it the formation of a non-partisan election commission, issues of electoral lists or post-election complaints, need election reforms and the earlier these reforms are formulated and brought into effect, the better it would be for the proliferation of the democratic process in the country. Dr Sattar also said that they have pointed out those unnecessary parts in the report also which are not only not related to the election process, these are ambiguous, inaccurate, and baseless. He said that the Chief Observer agreed to our point and has reassured the leaders of MQM that they will review these parts of the reports and will try to rectify this complaint. Dr. Farooque Sattar said that the meeting was held in a very pleasant and friendly environment. During the press briefing member MQM Coordination Committee Shoaib Bokhari Advocate, MQMs members National Assembly Haider Abbas Rizvi, Khushbakht Shujaat, and MQMs leader of the parliament in Sindh Assembly Sardar Ahmed were also present.


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