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Muttahida Quami Movement is the only political party of Pakistan which believes in merit, non-extremisms, non-discrimination, religious tolerance and people's power. In order to survive in a society that is heavily guarded by the feudal powers of Pakistan, the MQM's existence and activities solely depends on your VOTE and SUPPORT. Please help MQM to help its candidate in the upcoming elections to contest without spending any money from their own pockets. We at MQM have a firm believe that a person, who spends his or her own money in the elections, when goes to the parliament, generally ignores the interest of the voters and instead tries to recover the expenditure with interest. Please help us change this vicious cycle by donating generously in Muttahida Election Fund. Please send us an e-mail if you wish to help MQM in this regard. Our e-mail addresses are: feedbackmqm@mailcity.com and mqm@mqm.org

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