Muttahida Quami Movement USA Hails Reconciliation And Power Sharing Deal Between MQM And PPP


The Central Organizer and the members of The Central Organizing Committee, Muttahida Quami Movement USA have enthusiastically hailed the successful reconciliatory and power-sharing deal between MQM and PPP in Sindh and have declared it a milestone in the course of proliferation of democracy and betterment of the whole nation. They said that MQM and PPP are the only two parties which have the mandate of the people of Sindh and these two parties also truly have the rights to represent and to make policies and decisions for the welfare of people of Sindh. They congratulated the leaders of the two parties for settling down with each other in the best interest of the people whose mandate they have. They said nothing reflects on the national development and economic proliferation like the development and economic proliferation of Sindh does. They further ex-folded their reservations about the anti-democratic and fascist powers in the country and said that these forces will do their best to sabotage the intended mutual cooperation and coalition between MQM and PPP. The leaders of MQM USA however reiterated that MQM, PPP and other pro-democratic forces will never let these forces play their games based on their ulterior motives. They said that the vision of Quaid e Tehreek is a source of inspiration for each and every worker of MQM and they would follow their leader in thick and thin.