MQM USA's Silver Jubilee Song Writing Competition (May/02/03)

Total Prize Money US$ 1000

Special prize for title song in English: $250
Special prize for title song in Urdu $250
$50 each will be given to 10 songs chosen for the cassette.

(A total of 12 winning songs, including one Urdu title song and one English title song together with 10 general Urdu songs will be included in MQM USA's musical cassette, expected to be released on or before September 17, 2003)
Rules and Conditions:

1. There is no entry fee

2. Closing Date is 11 June, 2003. All entries must received by this date.

3. The competition will be open to the subjects covering Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain, MQM, APMSO, Struggle, Revolution, Education, Destiny, Silver Jubilee, 11 June, 18 March, 17 September, 19 June, etc.

4. Anyone can enter irrespective of age and place of residence.

5. Entries may be typed word-processed and handwritten. There is no limit on number of entries.

6. Please remember to write down your name and address on your entry song so you can be notified if you win (No entry form required)

7. Songs must not have previously used in any form.

9. Entries should be addressed to "MQM USA Song Writing Contest" and e-mailed to as a scanned image.

10. You may also suggest or recommend a theme or music for your lyrics.

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