MQM USA Continues with its Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts. Donation Check and Condolence Messages Given to Thailand & Indonesian Embassies in Washington.(Jan-5-2005)

Washington DC Jan 5: In the second phase of Tsunami relief efforts in America, a delegation from the MQM USA has visited the embassies of Thailand and Indonesia in Washington DC. MQMs delegation was comprised of Central Organizer Ibad Ur Rehman, MQM Washingtons joint incharge Saleem Sheikh and Khidmat-e-Khalq committees incharge for Washinjgton Mr. Riaz Siddiqui.

MQMs delegation met with the Minister & Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Chirachai Punkrasin at the embassy of Thailand. Central Organizer Ibad Ur Rehman handed over to him a check of $5000 towards the Tsunami fund established by the Royal Thai Government. MQM USAs central organizer also delivered a letter from Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain extending his condolences over the loss of lives and property in Thailand. DCM Punkrasin thanked Quaid-e-Tehrik and the MQM on behalf of his Government. MQMs delegation gave its observations and written down a condolence message in the guest book.

Later, the MQM delegation visited the embassy of Indonesia where it was greeted by Indonesian embassys Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Harry Purwanto who thanked MQM for its help in rebuilding the Tsunami stricken areas in Indonesia and other surrounding countries. Central Organizer delivered Quaid-e-Tehriks personal condolence message for the Government and the people of Indonesia. MQMs delegation recorded its condolence message with the embassy and also put a flower bouquet in the memory of thousands who lost their lives due to Tsunami in Asia.